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Our Foundations evening courses and 4-week Bootcamps are designed to train you how to write excellent code and give you a personalized plan for development.

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Take this hands-on, rigorous, and immersive training for eight weeks to level-up your skills.

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We help students prepare to land a high-paying job with one of our partner companies (or with any organization seeking to hire software developers).

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Our articles are tailored to a variety of skill levels. They are written by Code Fellows staff, instructors, students, alumni, and guests.

Opportunity is something we all want and need—to take a chance, to break in, and to prove our worth. We all want the chance to become our best. At Code Fellows, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to develop.

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Foundations in Computer Science & Web Development.

Not quite ready for a Development Accelerator? Get in-person instruction in our 4-week evening courses or a full-time Bootcamp.

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About Code Fellows

Code Fellows is an in-person code school offering job-ready web and mobile development training in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Chicago, IL.

Developers who are ready to launch a new career or learn a new programming language can level up their skills in Development Accelerators, where they receive world-class training from industry professionals in an immersive environment. Students also receive job-search training through practice interviews, resume help, networking, mentorship, and more.

For aspiring developers, Code Fellows offers Foundations I night courses and full-time Bootcamps that train students in the fundamentals of computer science and web development. Foundations II night courses focus on intermediate training in specific programming languages.

2015 Development Accelerators are: Ruby on Rails, Full-Stack Javascript, iOS Development, Python, and Front-End Development.