By Sarah June Fischer June 3, 2014

Code Fellows switches from Objective-C to Swift for all iOS courses

Apple just announced the transition from Objective-C to Swift, the new programming language for OS X and iOS applications.

With the release of Swift, Apple sent their developer community scrambling to learn the details in the Swift Programming Language ebook.

Code Fellows is preparing to offer courses for experienced developers (with proper Apple Developer Program accreditation) to efficiently learn this new language and toolset that comes with iOS 8.

John Clem, head instructor of our iOS Development programs, is on the ground at WWDC getting the scoop on iOS 8 documentation and the new programming language. The iOS instructors are dedicating the next 6 weeks to creating the most up-to-date Swift curriculum on the planet.

Two Ways to Learn Swift:

  1. The upcoming iOS Development Accelerator will focus on creating mobile apps in Swift. Our new graduates will be among the most experienced iOS 8/Swift developers—we anticipate seasoned iOS devs taking our development accelerator to quickly level-up their team's knowledge of iOS 8.

  2. Foundations II: iOS Development focuses on the fundamentals of Swift and iOS development and gets you up-to-speed to learn Swift in the iOS Development Accelerator.

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Code 401: Advanced Software Development in iOS

Learn Swift and Objective-C plus the best in Apple tools and frameworks including Xcode and Cocoa Touch in our intensive mobile development course.

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