100 students learning the foundations of Computer Science

The inaugural Foundations I class held at the Seattle Public Library welcomed over 100 eager students.

Doors opened at 6pm for the 7-9pm session, and the Microsoft Auditorium quickly filled with attendees of all ages.

Will Little, CEO of Code Fellows, welcomed the crowd and gave a warm introduction to Dr. Ben Keller, Ph.D. in Computer Science, who is co-teaching the Foundations I class with Dale Sande, front-end developer and instructor of the UX Engineering bootcamp.

![Foundations 1 Class](https://dgosxlrnzhofi.cloudfront.net/custom_page_images/99/page_images/Foundations_1_Auditorium.jpeg?1394474827)
Throughout the class, students will receive a foundational approach to software development. They will gain an understanding of how the theories behind computer science help them work with computers as they explore burgeoning technologies and create new software.

Foundations II classes deliver stack-specific information in a more concentrated class environment. Our current offerings send students deeper into JavaScript, UX Engineering, Ruby on Rails, and iOS Development.

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