5 tips when applying to Code Fellows

Here are are five things that will help you be a successful applicant to our program:

1. Apply early

Enrollment in Foundations I and each Foundations II course is first come, first serve. Your spot is officially reserved when you’ve signed your contract and paid the course deposit.

The same goes for applying to a bootcamp or Development Accelerator. I recommend applying at least two months in advance. This not only gives you time to go through the complete application and interview process, but also allows time to plan out finances, complete the prework, and arrange your work schedule (or give your notice) prior to taking a two-month hiatus.

2. Think about your timeline


Foundations I and Foundations II are great ground-laying courses for beginners and aspiring software developers. Everyone is welcome to take one or both of these courses, and there’s no interview process or code challenge (although you will need some familiarity with programming, such as online tutorials). When you apply for Foundations I or Foundations II, you will be notified of your acceptance immediately.


There are a couple of steps to apply to bootcamp. All bootcamp applicants are required to come in for an initial screening interview. Our interview slots are limited, so the quicker you can respond to our scheduling request, the faster we can get you in for an interview.

Development Accelerators

There are three steps to the application process for Development Accelerators: an initial phone screening, a brief technical interview, and a three-part code challenge. On average, it takes an application three weeks to move through the process from start to finish, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply.

3. Interview Prep:

If you are coming in for a screening interview, be prepared to discuss:

  • Your background

  • Why you are interested in joining Code Fellows

  • What you are hoping to get out of the experience

  • Your long-term goals

During your technical interview with an instructor, you may be asked to share what you know about the stack that you are applying to. It also doesn’t hurt to be prepared to discuss your long-term goals, the other programming languages you have experience with, and your familiarity with computer science terms and concepts.

4. Reserving your spot:

For all classes (including the bootcamp and Development Accelerators), your spot is not reserved until you have signed your contract and paid your deposit. So don’t delay!

5. Transferring Enrollment:

Life is unpredictable—we understand that in some circumstances, students may need to shift or delay their enrollment. If an emergency comes up, Development Accelerator deposits can be transferred to a later program in the same stack. If you decide to pursue a new language after you’ve paid your deposit but before the start of the Development Accelerator, you will need to apply directly for and be accepted in the desired program. Deposits cannot be transferred to a different Development Accelerator stack unless you re-apply and are accepted to the different course. Foundations II deposits and enrollments are transferable among stacks.

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