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Listen, we all know there’s a shortage of quality web developers and it’s challenging to find good ones. At Code Fellows we’re dedicated to developing more tech talent, but that’s not all we do! The reality is, the right hire goes beyond just skill…fit matters and it’s challenging to evaluate skills and fit in just a few short hours during an interview. How many times have you been in an interview and thought this is the perfect candidate for this position, only to find out that wasn’t the case, and they didn’t fit your company culture at all? Code Fellows wants to make sure you never have that problem again, and make sure you get to know your candidates, and know them well, before you offer them a seat at your company. So how are we doing this? Read below to find out!

What is the Partner Program?

The Code Fellows Partner Program connects companies directly with quality web engineers and makes the hiring process lower risk and higher quality.

By joining the Code Fellows Partner Program, you get an inside look at a pool of fresh web developers over a period of weeks to months. Code Fellows develops, trains and coaches developers on both coding and professional skills, allowing companies to focus more on cultural fit and ensuring the right hire for your team.

There is no cost to engage as a partner and there are different levels of partner engagement for you to select from.

  • You can be more hands-on, involved in every step of the student’s experience, help shape curriculum, group projects and be a mentor/guest lecturer.

  • Take a conservative approach and attend job fairs/social events, whatever suits your needs.

Click HERE to read more about our Partner Program and how you can sign up!

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