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What does BigDoor do?

BigDoor powers gamified loyalty programs that are designed to increase customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Using game mechanics and tangible rewards, the BigDoor Loyalty Platform incentivizes customer actions creating and fostering deeper brand affinity. We believe in providing brands with a complete end-to-end loyalty solution from up-front design work, to implementation and program management.

What’s unique about your company culture?

We’ve cultivated a culture where everyone has a voice. Developers regularly grab coffee with the CEO, sales people and developers check in with each other and talk about projects, there is a distinct feeling that every single employee at the company matters.

On a lighter note, Lil’Bub appreciation, arcade games and a love of Indian food are basic employee requirements. As for company perks, we have a fully stocked kitchen with everything from coconut M&Ms to Jameson. Employees can choose to work on a Mac or PC, and employees are treated to a Friday Happy Hour nearly every week.

Where’s your office?

We are located in South Lake Union on the First Floor of the same building as Tech Stars/Founders Co-Op. The proximity to other startups is definitely a perk and a source of collaboration for a lot of our employees.

We have a pretty strong nerd culture around the office with an arcade game machine (featuring a different game every few weeks), M&M dispensers, and the ping pong table downstairs. The office is an open floor plan which helps foster employee communication, and for the folks that need a little bit of silence, we have some pretty awesome custom built phone closets.

What do you look for in a candidate?

We want to see a candidate that looks at a world where the glass is always half full and embraces Eric Ries Lean Startup methodology.

What positions are you hiring for?

We are looking for Technical Product Managers. We are working in Open Source and with AWS. New positions are opening up all the time as we grow.

Want to work at BigDoor?

Visit their careers page.

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