By Sarah June Fischer March 20, 2014

Changing your life starts with the first step

You’re ready to start exploring the world of software engineering. We’re ready to help.

Our inaugural Foundations I course has set over 100 novice programmers on the road to becoming full-stack developers.

The first class (and the many emails we’ve received) told us what we already suspected: there is an ever-growing pool of smart and talented people in the Seattle tech community who are ready to take actionable steps toward learning to code.


The first stage of becoming a software engineer is Foundations I: Computer Science and Web Development. Because of the overwhelming popularity of our initial Foundations I class, we’re offering a second course this summer. Registration is open, so reserve your spot today.

  • Date: June 2 - June 25, 2014

  • Time: 7-9pm, Monday and Wednesday

  • Cost: $500

Whether you manage a team of software developers and want to know more, dream of becoming a software engineer, or are a hobbyist who is just getting started in software engineering, we are here to give you the foundation you need to make your dream a reality. Sign up today to reserve your seat.

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