We're Bringing Code 101 to New York

We’re excited to announce that Code 101 is coming to New York City!

Home to thousands of tech companies large and small, New York has seen immense growth in the local tech market. Over $20 billion of venture capital has been pumped into the city’s local startup scene since 2009, and the demand for skilled software developers continues to grow.

The tech market across the US needs ten times the number of students who graduated with Computer Science degrees last year to fill 500,000 tech jobs currently open. Plus, the industry is expected to see an 18% growth in jobs within the next six years. The nation-wide need for a faster solution is paramount.

As we watched the repeated success of our graduates in Seattle and Portland, we were struck by how our modular, immersive courses could effectively take aspiring developers from their current skill level—whether that was complete beginner, hobbyist programmer, or experienced developer in need of some updated training—and get them ready to contribute to the fast-paced tech industry.

Code 101 is designed for anyone who is interested in exploring a career in tech. Whether you want to write code in your career or simply get a better understanding of modern software development, this one-day workshop will help you understand the tools and workflows of modern developers. You’ll even build and launch a website yourself!

Sabrina Francois

We’re excited to join the community and support New York’s aspiring developers. Long-time New York native Sabrina Francois will be leading the effort as we organize Code 101 workshops, tech meetups, networking events, and more. She brings several years of tech administration and project management experience to the team, and we’re thrilled to have her on board. If you see her at meetups or events, please say hello!

As we immerse ourselves in New York’s tech industry, our goal is to foster and support the local community, and continue to make significant strides in diversity in tech. We’re looking forward to being a part of this great city’s tech scene and the movement of training developers in an intensive, job-focused setting.

Learn more about our first Code 101 in NYC »

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