Code Fellows and Dev Bootcamp Partner to Support Students

Earlier this month, we learned that our friends at Dev Bootcamp are closing down after five years of providing quality education and serving thousands of developers across the country.

Today, virtually every industry needs software developers. As a result, we have watched many companies enter the code education market—some with a commitment to quality education and providing underrepresented communities access to careers in tech, and others looking to opportunistically “cash-in” on the demand. This is what makes it hard to see Dev Bootcamp, a school with such a strong commitment to their students, close. They are clearly one of the schools trying to make a difference.

We see Dev Bootcamp and other high-quality schools as allies in the industry, and are honored to partner together to ensure that their future-enrolled students—who will unfortunately be unable to attend Dev Bootcamp—continue their journey towards a career in tech, carrying on Dev Bootcamp’s legacy.

"Because of our respect for Code Fellows and their program, we decided they would be a strong fit for our future-enrolled Seattle students to continue their journey toward becoming software developers. As we focus on providing our current students with the education and career support that they deserve through the end of the year and into 2018, we’re working to help connect those students whom we regrettably will not be able to teach with a meaningful educational experience at Code Fellows.” — Tarlin Ray, Dev Bootcamp President

As the demand for developers continues to grow, we are committed more than ever to creating access to quality education and rewarding careers. If you are a Seattle student affected by this closure, you will receive communication (if you haven’t already) from both the Dev Bootcamp and Code Fellows teams. We are here to help you with your journey, whether here at Code Fellows or at one of our partner schools. Please reach out to us with any questions by emailing admissions@codefellows.com.

To the team at Dev Bootcamp, it’s been an honor to serve in this industry alongside you.

Sincerely, The Code Fellows Team

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