Everything You Need to Start a Modular, Testable, Full-Stack JavaScript Project

Whether you’re about start on a coding challenge from a potential employer or have a commitment-free weekend to hack on a new project, here is everything you need to start on a modular, testable JavaScript project on the server and the browser.

What’s the best way to start on a JavaScript project? Don’t go through a lengthy setup process, or copy and paste code from an old project. Get everything ready in a few simple commands.

I’ve created a full-stack modular boilerplate to help you skip the long, boring setup and get started on your new project quickly.

How to Get Started

git clone ivanoats/modular-boilerplate


cd modular-boilerplate && npm install && bower install

You’re done! This setup has everything you need to get going to create modular, testable JavaScript code on the server and the browser.

What’s Included

This repository is a boilerplate for full-stack web apps using:

Next Steps

Open up app/js/app.js in your favorite editor and start writing some code!

If anyone is interested in me turning this into a Yeoman generator, please let me know.

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