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How do you get a great job in a tech company? The answer to the question shouldn’t require a secret handshake or a hidden map. That’s why we’ve upgraded our program at Code Fellows.

Tech companies are constantly looking for people who have a combination of great coding ability—at all skill levels—and other desirable skill sets. Hiring managers watch for several traits:

  • Potential
  • Team players
  • Great work ethic
  • Real-world experience
  • Problem solving
  • Track record of success
  • And finally, code skills

That’s why what we get to do at Code Fellows is so exciting. Our students are generally career switchers—they are typically five to 10 years into their careers and have realized that the industry that they picked isn’t going to meet their career goals in the future. Some of our students are in the service industry or hospitality, and others are from education or manufacturing. They all have one thing in common: the desire to make a change from their current industry and get into the technology market where the future matches their goals and dreams.

So is this program right for you, and were should you to start? Read on for better idea of what you can expect from our new program.

Is coding a career you should explore?

Join us for the Code 101 course—it’s a day-long course for $99, including meals. You’ll get to meet other people like you, learn how to code from an instructor, work on projects with other students with the help of instructors and teaching assistants, and find out if this career is right for you.

Ready to get a paid internship?

Apply for our Code 201 course. This four-week, full-time or eight-week, part-time course will prepare you to build websites with HTML and CSS. This course won’t make you a full-stack developer, but you will walk away with web development skills that you can use right away.

Want a Web Builder or Jr. Developer job?

Continue to Code 301 and learn to connect a website to databases or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using JavaScript. Learn which software “stack” or programming language matches what you want to do in your next career.

Are you a hobbyist who wants to turn pro?

Level up in our Code 401 course. In our 10-week, full-time or 20-week, part-time course, you will prepare for a full-stack developer job in the software language that fits the applications, mobile devices, or websites that you want to build.

Code Fellows isn’t for everyone; the program is difficult and fast-paced. But our numbers speak for themselves, with an average starting salary of $72k for our Code 401 grads. Our goal is to get you a great job as soon as we can (so you won’t have to wait four years to get a degree).

And thanks to our wonderful hiring partners, we have diversity scholarships available for women, underserved minorities in tech, and U.S. veterans.

Ready to learn more?

Join us for weekly office hours, an info session, or an upcoming workshop. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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