Get a Great Job Faster With Our New Course Schedule

We’ve reworked our program to ensure that it’s the fastest path to get you professionally trained and ready for a career in the tech industry.

The new schedule coming this fall will contain two options for continuous training to get you from where you are to where you want to be: employed as a software developer.

We’ve also adapted each course to provide more options for students. Now the full curriculum will run both during the day and in a Nights & Weekends track, so you can pick the schedule that works best for you.

Daytime Track

All of our courses will now be offered in the Daytime track for students who are ready to dive in full time.

Nights & Weekends Track

Already taking some of our classes? It's all good. Our new curriculum incorporates and extends the old to work with what you already know, so you won’t miss a beat.

Need to start in the Nights & Weekends track, and then switch to the Daytime track? No problem. Pick the structure that works for you.

Just need that final push to polish your skills? Test directly into an advanced course.

Here’s the breakdown:

Code 101: Introduction to Software Development & Careers in Tech

One Day

Is this career path really for you? Spend a Saturday with us to build your first web page, hear from our alumni, work in a team environment, and test your new skills to see if you enjoy the prospects and process of software development.

Outcome: Find out if a career in tech is right for you.

Code 201: Foundations of Software Development

Daytime Track: 4 weeks

Nights & Weekends Track: 9 weeks

Get your hands—and your head—familiar with writing syntax and pushing code as you learn the basics of web development through HTML, CSS, Javascript, with the tools and best practices used by software developers around the world.

Outcome: Get training that will prepare you for an internship at a tech company.

Code 301: Intermediate Software Development

Daytime Track: 4 weeks

Nights & Weekends Track: 9 weeks

Okay, you know your syntax—but what’s the technology behind constructing a web app and working with professional data sets? In this course, you will go beyond the basics and learn how to architect a front-end web app, structure your code and data, and dig into more nuanced programming techniques.

Outcome: Become a web producer, product manager, or entry-level website builder.

Code 401: Advanced Software Development

Daytime Track: 10 weeks

Nights & Weekends Track: 23 weeks

Ready to apply everything you’ve learned to your chosen programming language? Code 401 courses will be initially available in Python, Full-Stack JavaScript, and iOS development (with more options to come!). This is where you get to study specific syntax, tools, frameworks, and libraries, and get advanced technical and professional skills and training to land a job in the industry.

Outcome: Land a high-paying job as a professional software developer.

Mark your calendars! More details and new courses are coming this Friday, August 28.

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