It’s About Trust.

We ask our students to level up—to lean in to intensive training, to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of the students around them, and to develop a growth mindset, pushing them to do extraordinary things.

Because our students embrace the challenges we put before them, we’re responding in kind. While we and other schools have always published data around alumni results, there has been no standard or consistency around what schools are releasing.

Until now.

How do you believe a school’s claim of student success? Code Fellows has joined 14 other schools on the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) to commit to standardized reporting and more transparency in advertising. CIRR is a coalition of bootcamps committed to publishing consistent data around the results of their program.

CIRR’s purpose is to provide reporting with integrity so that bootcamps continue to put students first. All bootcamps involved in this council commit to track and release their students’ graduation and placement rates. This will make it easier for incoming students to compare school outcomes and choose the right bootcamp for them. Students can count on participating schools reporting the same data across the board, with more transparency about what that data means and where the information is coming from.

We want you to fully know what you’re in for when you enroll at Code Fellows. The data, released twice each year, will report on the six-month period a year prior. This allows schools to report full data on both graduation rates in that six month period, and job placement data 180 days after those students graduated.

As the bootcamp industry continues to grow, CIRR is vital to protecting students and holding schools accountable. Any school worth their salt—or more importantly, your trust and dollars—is joining the Council on Integrity in Results and Reporting.

If you’d like more information about CIRR, visit their website.

If you have questions about our participation in CIRR, please get in touch.

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