By Dave ParkerSeptember 6, 2016

ITT Tech Students: Launch Your Career with Discount Off Upcoming Course

This morning, we heard the news that ITT Tech is closing their doors and leaving students with an uncertain future. That’s a shock to students who are trying to pursue high value careers and for employers who are looking to hire quality technical talent.

If you are an ITT Tech student from the past year and want to pursue a career in coding, Code Fellows would like to help. We’re opening up several spots in upcoming Code 201 and Code 301 courses to previous ITT Tech students. Just show us a receipt for payment to any degree program at ITT Tech in the last 12 months and we’ll provide a discount on an upcoming Code 201 or Code 301—whichever matches your skill level (limited availability).

  • Code 201, an introduction to web development, is offered over four weeks in a full-time format, or over eight weeks during nights and weekends. Pre-work is required for this course.
  • Code 301 is also available in full-time and part-time options, and covers intermediate web development.

In addition, we’ll provide a discount on Code 401: Advanced Software Development programs (Python, iOS Development, or Full-Stack JavaScript) to students who wish to continue on and pass the entrance exams for these courses.

If you would like to learn more about us and enroll in an upcoming course, please get in touch.

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