Landing a Software Development Job

Mike Saffitz, CTO of Apptentive, a Seattle-based tech startup and TechStars Seattle 2012 company, gave a talk last Friday to the current Code Fellows class.

The focus of Mike’s talk centered on how to get a job as a developer at a rapidly growing startup but his advice is applicable whether you’re goal is to work at a 3 person startup or a 3,000 person enterprise.

Most essentially, Mike encourages young developers to convey the fire and passion they have for coding. Let your prospective manager see the enthusiasm you have for the projects you’d be working on and the team you’re seeking to join. Don’t get hung up on knowing every single technical detail you may or may not know. And don’t try to appear more than you’re not. Be honest, passionate, and answer the intent behind questions to show your thought processes and understanding of coding. And then follow your heart! Go hard after the jobs, companies and people you’re most excited about. Mike is an articulate, honest speaker and we encourage you to watch his Code Fellows talk.

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