Meet Tara: Developer at Jaguar Land Rover

If you met Tara Kreft last fall and then ran into her again today, you’d notice two major differences.

First, she cut off about ten inches of her hair. (Actually, her boyfriend Andy cut it. And while sources say he’s not quitting his day job as manager of Ristretto Roasters, he did a darn good job!)

Second, she’s got a completely new career. Last you met, she may have regaled you stories of film school, her life as an editor or her career as a chef.

But after graduating Code Fellows in December 2015 (one of our very first diversity scholarship recipients!) and being hired on full time as a developer at Jaguar Land Rover, she’s got new topics to talk about. Like in-vehicle programming using QML.

“I feel like I’m creating something every day,” says Tara, whose favorite part of being a developer is not surprising, given her background: the process of creating things (and making them work).

“I got hired after two months of job searching, and I couldn’t be happier about my experience at Code Fellows,” says Tara. “Their support of students is amazing. I felt like they invested in our success.”

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