Our New Expanded Mobile App Development Curriculum Includes Android

Exciting changes are coming to our mobile development curriculum!

We’re constantly watching Seattle’s tech market to make sure our curriculum focuses on the most relevant languages and frameworks. As the mobile app market continues to grow, along with customer demand, we’re excited to incorporate Android application development into our course lineup.

Because cross-platform modern mobile development covers several languages, frameworks, development tools, and operating systems, we’re restructuring the curriculum for Code 401: Advanced Software Development in iOS into two stand-alone Code 501 courses (Swift and Objective-C) and creating a brand new course: Code 501: Android App Development.

The first Code 501 focusing on mobile development will be Code 501: iOS App Development with Swift, a 10-week night course starting in June, followed by a 10-week Code 501: Android App Development night course.

What will this look like?

Instead of a single 401 course focusing on Swift and Objective-C, we have created three distinct Code 501 courses focusing on different technologies in mobile app development, which will focus on Swift, Objective-C, and Android. Each of those 3 courses will be offered in both a daytime 5 week option, as well as a 10 week nights & weekends option.

Why change the Code 401: iOS curriculum?

Moving the established iOS curriculum into a Code 501 format means students can study the specific technologies they want to learn. It cuts down on time and cost for mobile developers who want to specialize or level up a specific skill set, while still providing an option for developers to become a cross-platform mobile application developer.

Can 301 students go straight into the 501 mobile courses or do they need to compete a 401 course first?

Yes! Students who successfully complete Code 301 will be prepared for the Code 501 mobile development curriculum.

When will this sequence be offered next?

The first Code 501 course focusing on mobile development is Code 501: iOS App Development with Swift, starting June 19, followed by Code 501: Android App Development.

If you have any questions or feedback during this transition in our course lineup, please get in touch! Student feedback has helped (and continues to help) us create top-tier curriculum, and we’re always open to hear what would help aspiring developers excel in their careers.

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