Rake Tasks Cheat Sheet for Ruby on Rails

Rake is a super helpful tool that becomes a good friend for most Ruby developers …

The kind of friend that helps you out when you need to move, and the kind of friend that you occasionally need to offer some guidance to (bundle exec, anyone?).

I use it every day to get work done within a variety of web apps. Yet I still have to look up the exact syntax for lesser used commands. Do I clear or clean my assets? How do I run just this new test file again? What are all the things I can do with the database again? I’m really into mind maps these days, so I made myself a Ruby on Rails rake cheat sheet.

Rails-Provided Rake Tasks At A Glance


Download cheat sheet PDF

At-a-glance documentation for the rake tasks provided by Rails.

There you have it: all the rake tasks that come with every Rails app, laid out in an easy-to-check format. I have this taped on my wall next to my desk, and use it a few times a week. As noted in the legend, I could just run rake -T to see most of this info. But that task takes a full 5+ seconds on my poor laptop, and I really like this visual format better. I find my eyes learn where to look for a quick reminder. Having it there reminds of the capabilities I might not even remember to utilize (“Oh yeah, I can see all those # TODO: … lines I’ve littered my code with!”).

Coming to a Wall Near You

Got a spot on your wall where this would fit? Download the printable PDF (it’s searchable, too, if you just want to leave it on your virtual desktop)

I’m planning on doing more like this. If you find this useful, I’d love to hear what Rails Tools I should give this treatment next: Git? Heroku? The rails CLI command itself? Let me know on our Facebook wall.

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