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Simply Measured is a sponsor of Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring!


What does Simply Measured do?

Our goal at Simply Measured is to put the tools to understand business data in the hands of business users. We think reporting should be simple, beautiful, and accessible for everyone— not just data scientists. Our software streamlines the process from data to deliverables and eliminates the countless hours spent on everyday reporting tasks by putting cloud data sources at your fingertips, providing a marketplace of best practice reports, and generating beautiful deliverables on the web, in Excel, and in PowerPoint with a couple of clicks.

What’s unique about your company culture?

Unique—aside from the massive collection of nerf guns, obsession with The MacCallan Scotch and our office Kegerator’s Twitter handle? The Mariokart and Ping Pong tournaments get pretty heated. We work closely together all day, so we really have a good time getting competitive at the end of the week. Our all-staff meeting is over a Scotch toast on Friday afternoons, and then the music starts playing, the N64 is fired up and the competition gets heated.

Our referral bonus is pretty fun. When an employee’s referral gets hired, that employee gets $250 to spend on a new toy for the office. This is how we got our kegerator, stereo, and a lot of other fun additions.

Where’s your office?

Our office is in Capitol Hill, Seattle. This is an incredibly eclectic neighborhood with some awesome bars and restaurants around. We make sure to sample as many as possible.

The office is actually a converted photo studio, so in addition to the amazing natural light from the giant skylights in the exposed rafters, our “ping pong court” has a solid white backdrop with rounded corners. I’ve been told it reminds people of “Clockwork Orange.”

What do you look for in a candidate?

Creative Ambition. We tackle unique problems every day and we like to hire people who get excited about that and are always looking for the next solution.

What positions are you hiring for?

We’re always looking for talented, creative and driven people and aren’t afraid to create a new spot around someone we know is going to help us grow and develop.

We’re hiring for these positions:

  1. Product
    • Web Developer
    • Analyst
    • Product Designer
    • Product Engineer
    • Product Manager - Customer Engagement
  2. Business Operations
    • Sales Operations Specialist
  3. Engineering
    • Data Team Software Engineer
    • Database Administrator
    • Operations Engineer
    • Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET)
    • Software Engineer
    • Sr. Software Engineer
    • Javascript Engineer
    • Sr. QA Engineer
    • QA Engineer
  4. Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition Manager
    • Content Marketing Manager
    • Product Marketing Manager
  5. Customer Success
    • Customer Success Associate
  6. Sales
    • Account Executive — Inside Sales

Want to work at Simply Measured?

Visit their careers page.

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