The Game of Life: Week 2 of iOS Bootcamp

The iOS bootcamp is buzzing with energy today. Teams were picked, and the contest is on. The challenge—create a biological simulation called “Conway’s Game of Life”.

Life at Code Fellows

There are 4 simple rules that govern the “Game of Life”, and it’s a project that our 2nd week iOS bootcamp is taking on. Students paired up in teams of five, brainstormed how to attack the problem, and white-boarded their plan. Using Objective C and the Xcode development environment they started prototyping right away.

Life at Code Fellows

At the heart of Code Fellow’s philosophy of learning is team based intense projects. The instructors are always close at hand to help teams get unstuck and also make sure that students are maximizing their learning along the way.

Life at Code Fellows

If you’re interest feel free to learn more about the iOS Bootcamp.

Here’s the GIT Repo from the first teams to get it done.

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