Thinking of applying to CodeFellows? Read this!

At CodeFellows we get a lot of questions from prospective applicants about our expectations around skill level. Especially from people who wonder if they are experienced enough for our bootcamps.

In general, we expect applicants to have a working knowledge of the basics. We don’t really care if you’ve gotten coding experience from a college class or two, a mentor or friend, a work project, or some online classes. What really matters to us is that you’ve familiarized yourself with whichever language you’re interested in enough to demonstrate aptitude and interest.

At the end of the day, what we’re most interested in is how passionate you are about learning to code. Get active on GitHub. Show us what you and your friends hacked together last weekend. Share a project that’s still a little buggy but is one you built from scratch.

If you’re still questioning whether or not you should apply: you should!

And if you’re still wondering where you can learn the basics so that you can get cracking on GitHub, check out our Code Fellows FAQ page. It’s chock full of resources and ways to get self-started.

If you still have questions—about level of expertise or anything else—don’t be shy! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us »

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