Top 5 podcasts for iOS developers

Podcasts are a great tool for developers to keep learning and stay up to date on the latest in iOS development. Here’s my top 5 …

1. Debug

Debug takes a conversational approach to discussing the latest news and issues facing iOS/Cocoa devs. The show is hosted by Rene Ritchie of iMore and Guy English, a cocoa dev and founder of the Cingleton conference.

2. Coder Radio

Hosts Michael Dominick and Chris Fisher discuss life as a developer. While Michael is primarily an iOS/Cocoa dev, he touches on all aspects of the polyglot developer experience, such as which backend infrastructures are easy to use and how to spin up a back-end server for your mobile app.

3. This Developer’s Life

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a new episode in several months, but each episode is a gem and listening to the entire back catalog is well worth it. This Developer’s Life is essentially This American Life for software developers, and the production quality and depth is excellent. Some of my favorite topics they’ve covered include 2.0.3 - Education, 2.0.6 - Play and 3.0.1 - Cancer.

4. Iterate

In the Tri-Force of iOS developer podcasts, Iterate sits firmly as the Tri-Force of Wisdom. The podcast features weekly round-table discussions with top designers and front-end developers, discussing the state of the union for mobile design and UI/UX. Hosted by Marc Edwards, Seth Clifford, and Rene Ritchie.

5: The Talk Show

The Talk Show, featuring Dan Benjamin and John Gruber, is a weekly podcast that lasts upwards of two hours and feels like you’re sitting on John Gruber’s couch while he has coffee with industry luminaries. It’s absolutely the best place to get the gist of the new changes and their implications after a big OS or hardware launch from Apple. (edit: New versions of this podcast can be found here)

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