Top Resources For Learning AngularJS

As students focus on learning Angular for front-end web development in our Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator, we have several go-to resources when they need extra help on a specific concept.

Here are favorite resources among TAs and instructors for learning AngularJS beyond the classroom:

  1. ng-book
    This book is a favorite for in-depth coverage of AngularJS. This is pretty much the most detailed content that I’ve found, not only on building Angular apps, but the internals of how the framework works, and how to best use all the moving pieces of Angular.
Tyler Morgan, Full-Stack JavaScript Instructor
  1. AngularJS Fundamentals The best part of Joe Eames’s Pluralsight course is watching his workflow. It shows how to actually build a real Angular app.
Tyler Morgan, Full-Stack JavaScript Instructor
    I like that this starts out with lots of great free episodes, plus it offers an upgrade path that is worth paying for. The video episodes are short and to the point, which makes them easy to review later.

  2. Coming soon: Angular JS by Treehouse
    Treehouse has been an excellent resource for other topics, so I’m excited to see what they come up with for Angular.

What are your favorite resources for learning AngularJS? Let us know.

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