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Hiring and Scholarship Partners

Expedia Expedia

"A career in IT can be very rewarding, and yet we see many sections of the population under-represented in Technology due to circumstances separate from talent. Code Fellows helps us tap into that talent. It is great to work with a company so focused on getting under-represented groups into the field and to help those individuals reach their true potential."

— Marques Kirsch | Senior Director of Technology, Expedia Inc.

Puppet Labs Puppet Labs

"Puppet Labs is strongly committed to taking action in many ways to promote and support diversity and inclusion both within our Company but also across the technology industry. We are happy to provide support to the Diversity Scholarship program at Code Fellows. This program specifically provides opportunity and education to individuals currently underrepresented in the software development world but who have both the passion and talent to contribute. We are excited to play a part in opening new doors for both the scholarship recipients and the companies who ultimately hire these graduates."

— Laura Stepp | VP of People/HR, Puppet Labs Inc.

Greater Foundation Greater Foundation

"It's time to give back in a way that changes people's lives. Real change is found in education and empowerment that creates new opportunities for the uneducated and underdeveloped youth. Partnering with Code Fellows and the Pay It Forward Initiative will be the Greater Foundation's first step to achieving its mission to bring forth real, sustainable change to underserved populations."

— Russell Okung | Seattle Seahawks Offensive Tackle, Greater Foundation

Portland Development Commission Portland Development Commission

"The Code Fellows scholarship fund offers opportunity to more Portlanders from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to gain the basic skills for a successful technical career. We’re proud to support this training along with other programs to reduce the chasm between these communities and the tech industry."

— Jared Wiener | Innovation & Entrepreneurship Team Lead, Portland Development Commission

Substantial Substantial

"Substantial has always been impressed by the caliber of students that have come through Code Fellows. With Pay It Forward, we're happy to see Code Fellows make it easier for individuals from underrepresented populations to transition into tech and we're proud to be among the first group of supporters."

— Donte Parks | VP of Culture, Substantial

Pointmarc Pointmarc

"As a technology-enabled digital analytics agency, the Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship Fund is a deeply meaningful program to us in that it empowers those historically underrepresented in the technology field."

— Arsenio Valdez | CEO, Pointmarc

10,000ft 10,000ft

"Diversity in software engineering is important for many, many reasons. My personal favorite is that it enables more creativity and innovation; not just technically speaking but also within organizations and teams we work in."

— Shyam Habarakada | CTO, 10,000ft

General UI General UI

"We are excited to continue our partnership with Code Fellows, and to grow our team through the Pay it Forward Initiative. We have worked with talented individuals after they complete the Code Fellows program, and are excited to support the growth of the program and the initiative to bring the program to underserved groups."

— Jason Greer | President, General UI

RealSelf RealSelf

"RealSelf is proud that our mission is to build confidence one user at a time. We are excited to partner with Code Fellows to help build confidence for their students, one graduate at time."

— Jenny Chynoweth | Director of Talent, RealSelf

Tag Creative Tag Creative

"We're very excited to help support scholarships for Code Fellows students. We strongly value how the organization goes well beyond simply training, but rather empowers individuals to be best equipped for today's quickly evolving development standards."

— Jefferson Fletcher | CEO, Tag Creative

Pop Art Pop Art

"Pop Art is committed to increasing the diversity of the development community, and we are proud to support the Diversity Scholarship Fund through the Pay It Forward initiative. Together, we will build a bright future for the programmers of tomorrow."

— Ethan Brown | Director of Software Engineering, Pop Art

Nick Soman Nick Soman

"Oh, yeah. It’s been great. For the folks in Code Fellows, my hope . . . is that people recognize that this is a group of generally talented and experienced people, who have decided to build a new skill. We’ve been sort of blown away by the quality we’ve been able to find."

– Nick Soman | CEO, Reveal

Ed O'Keefe Ed O'Keefe

"Code Fellows is the Harvard of code schools, and the ability to help underserved groups get this level of education is money well spent. Getting access to this level of talent is like hiring first round draft picks in the NFL. Pay It Forward is a no brainer!"

– Mark Michael | Co-Founder & President, DevHub

Shawn Swistak Shawn Swistak

"We were blown away by the Code Fellows graduate we hired during the interview process. Even more importantly, he hit the ground running and started contributing on day one. I look forward to growing our team as a Code Fellows partner."

– Shawn Swistak | Director of Technology, Full Circle