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Ready to launch your career as a Cybersecurity Engineer, or just want to know if this is the right path for you? Check out our courses below to find out where you should start, what you will learn, and what you can expect after you successfully complete each course. Get started exploring personal cybersecurity with beginner-level courses, or take your training to the next level with intermediate and advanced courses available now!

Ops 101

Explore Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity Careers

Want to learn to out-hack the hackers? Start here!

Is cybersecurity right for me?

Ops 101: In this one-day workshop, you will get hands-on practice with the tools and techniques of penetration testers and ethical hackers. Get a taste of the Code Fellows cybersecurity program, learn how to find and exploit computer systems, and explore cybersecurity career pathways.

Ops 102

Intro to Computer Operations

Ever wonder how technology professionals build physical computers, upgrade components, configure virtual machines? Join us for Ops 102!

Ops 102: If you’re new to configuring computers, complete Ops 102 to get an introduction to how computers work! Learn system interfaces, identify and install hardware components, and practice deploying Windows and Linux operating systems to build foundational skills that will kickstart your career in technical operations.

Learn to Computer Ops and Security

Ops 201: Learn to support technology operations by resolving issues with hardware, software, and virtual or cloud systems. In this hands-on course, you will deploy and troubleshoot Windows and Linux operating systems in various virtual and cloud environments

Ops 301: Gain hands-on Systems Administrator skills in this exciting course that follows the journey of the fictional Globex Corporation as it grows from a startup to a multinational enterprise with fully-functional network and information systems.

Ops 201

Foundations of Computer Operations

Get training that will prepare you to land an entry-level IT Support Technician position or join our Ops 301 course.

Ops 301

Networking and Systems Administration

Land an entry-level Network Operations Specialist or Systems Administrator job, or continue on into a Ops 401 course.

Ops 401

Cybersecurity Engineering

Get advanced training in a cybersecurity engineering and land a high-paying job in the industry.

Become a Cybersecurity Pro

Ops 401: These are the most intense courses offered at Code Fellows. Students come in with various backgrounds and leave with the training and skills they need to excel as cybersecurity professionals. Ops 401 courses require prior experience in IT operations, whether through preceding Code Fellows courses, self-study, or on-the-job training.

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