Sunsetting the Job-Offer Guarantee

By Dave Parker January 27, 2016

An Open Letter from Our CEO: Sunsetting the Job-Offer Guarantee

No matter their background, students come to Code Fellows because they want to break into a career in tech that provides challenging, meaningful, well-compensated work. Guiding students through this transition is the very reason Code Fellows was launched, and why we exist today. The success of our grads is the very foundation of our company. At our launch, the simplest way to state our intention was through the Job Offer Guarantee.

When Code Fellows started in January 2013, we did not have placement data for our students. The team had a hypothesis that we could train non-developers to become coders and meet some of the demand of both tech companies and startups. Today, with over 500 grads, the numbers have proved great—over 90% get jobs within 9 months, and the average starting salary is $71,000 for our Code 401 (formerly Development Accelerator or DA) grads.

When I joined Code Fellows as CEO in June of last year, one of the options we explored was expansion into new cities in different states. To teach classes in those cities, we need to go through a long application/licensing process with each state because we are a “licensed post-secondary education program.” Each state brings with it a different set of regulations (and often a paper process for applications). Many of the states we were considering would not let us use the “Job Offer Guarantee” on our website or marketing materials. This would require us to have different offerings for every state. In December 2015, we were told by the state of Washington that we could no longer use the word “Guarantee” in any promotions or website. Because of that request, we removed it from the website despite the fact that I’d love to keep it.

Our goal is to collect data from all of our students and report on time-to-hire and compensation on a twice yearly basis. As we move forward, we’ll update the alumni statistics on our website with a focus on our Code 401 grads. This will also include surveying grads after they’ve been in the workforce and providing relevant salary data for alumni.

What does that mean for our former, current and future students?

  • Former Students: Nothing has changed. You’re covered by the Guarantee if you opted in to the program.
  • Current Students: As of February 9, 2016, we are in a transition period as we sunset the Guarantee. This means that you’ll need to finish your 401 program before July 31, 2016 to participate in the Guarantee. This accommodates current 201/301 students that would not be otherwise covered by the Guarantee.
  • New Students: As of February 9, 2016 we no longer offer a Job Offer Guarantee.

Our programs will continue to evolve in content with a focus on getting job ready. Code 401 students will continue to receive professional development training and support as part of the core curriculum. Our staffing will also change as we support professional development training and job-search assistance. But rather than “pre-announcing” changes, we’ll continue to make improvements and increase our placement numbers and decrease the time that it takes to get grads a job. If you have any questions about the Guarantee or our program, please get in touch. Contact Us »


Dave Parker, CEO