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Why Companies Hire Code Fellows Graduates

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With the industry's shortage for software developers, tech companies have found a reliable talent pipeline at Code Fellows.

"OfferUp has a diverse engineering team including Code Fellows graduates working alongside alumni from elite universities and name-brand technology companies. The Code Fellows graduates are among our best engineers, they quickly ramped up demonstrating great technical skills, work ethic and a focus on getting things done."

Peter Wilson

VP of Engineering


By focusing on training diverse, highly capable developers, we’re opening doors for companies to bring in new talent and diversify the abilities and the culture of their teams.

"Accelerated training is an essential part of apprenticeship. After vetting a number of code academies to prepare our apprentices, we chose Code Fellows as one of our core partners. Their transparency, ability to deliver consistently high quality training, and mission alignment make them a strong partner."

Jennifer Carlson

Executive Director


Who Do We Train?

Lee Broxson

"The interviewer was telling me that they were eager to hire me, and that he was now trying to sell me on the company. An offer was made before I left that day."

Lee Broxson

UX Engineer, Avalara

"Code Fellows enables you to challenge your learning every day, and motivates you to be an impactful individual and a strong team player."

Kaylyn Yuh

Software Engineer, CBRE

"Being a veteran gave me the confidence to know this goal was achievable with determination and hard work."

David Fazio

Technical Project Manager, Eventcore


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Join Expedia, OfferUp, Nordstrom, Nike, and over 400 other companies who have hired our grads.

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"CBRE is consistently impressed not only by Code Fellows graduates' technical skills but also by the contributions they make to our team and culture based on their varied backgrounds. Tapping into this rich talent pool has certainly paid off for our company and we look forward to working with many Code Fellows graduates in the future."

Britt Johnson

Developer Relations / Software Engineer