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Alumni Stats

359 Graduates

88% of students in 2013-2014 who entered into one of our intensive 8-week programs successfully graduated and received a Certificate in their specific field of software development (Full-Stack JavaScript, iOS, Ruby on Rails, Python, or Front-End UX Design and Development).

$75.6k/yr average starting salary

The top reported starting salary was $155k/yr.

Short Job-Hunt Periods

We are encouraged by the growing number of students who receive a job offer before the 8-week program is even completed!

With the demand for software developers so high, a total of 81% of our graduates receive an offer within three months of graduating. Most land jobs as web developers, mobile developers, front-end UI/UX designers, or design technologists. Some are also pursuing careers in Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, and other back-end and data-heavy fields.

18% Start Companies of Their Own

Our alumni tell us that learning how to code professionally is like learning a superpower, which explains why we see so many decide to venture out and build businesses of their own.

3% Refund Rate

Although many of our alumni have recently graduated and are still seeking work, we are encouraged by the results thus far. Every week we hear stories of multiple grads landing jobs they love!

We're not perfect, however. Our team works hard to do everything we can to help prepare our grads to land and pass technical (and non-technical) interviews - and we're progressively getting better - but occasionally we are not able to successfully help. Learn more about our job-offer guarantee »

65% Had Already Earned a Bachelor Degree

6% of students came in with only an Associates degree, while 11% had earned a Masters degree.

Interestingly, over half of our alumni do not come from a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) background. We've heard stories from teachers, dancers, musicians, etc. who started learning how to code on their own and decided to switch careers to software development.

The future of software development looks bright

Many of our alumni have shared details of landing nice bonuses, stock options, and health benefits (even with their initial offer). Many also share that they are quickly earning promotions and larger salaries after demonstrating their skills for a short season with their employer.

We'll keep this page updated as we collect more data!

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