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Opportunity is something we all want and need—to take a chance, to break in, and to prove our worth. We all want the chance to become our best. At Code Fellows, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to develop.

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Not quite ready for Code 401? Get in-person instruction in our Code 101, Code 201, and Code 301 courses.

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About Code Fellows

Code Fellows is an in-person code school offering job-ready web and mobile development training in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

For aspiring developers, Code Fellows offers Code 101 workshops and Code 201 courses that train students in the fundamentals of software development. Code 301 focuses on creating and launching an interactive web app in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus the technologies, tools, and frameworks used by developers around the world.

Developers who are ready to launch a new career or learn a new programming language can level up their skills in Code 401, where they receive world-class training from industry professionals in an immersive environment. Students also receive job-search training through practice interviews, resume help, networking, mentorship, and more.

Code 401 students can specialize in Full-Stack Javascript, iOS, or Python, with more options to come.