Introducing the New Talent Portal!

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on October 26, 2018

We’ve launched a new way for hiring managers and dev teams to find their next teammate!


12 Java Resources for the Modern Developer

By Jeff Adelman on October 25, 2018

As a software developer, one of the most important skills you can cultivate in yourself is the ability to learn new things. Keeping up with industry trends, learning new technologies, and constantly improving your own skill set is an endless endeavor. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite resources for keeping up-to-date with Java trends and improving your Java skills.


Meet James: From Elementary School Teacher to UI Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on October 18, 2018

Meet James Billard! He realized he needed a change after seven years as an elementary school instructor. He studied in our nights & weekends track, and now works as a UI Developer at Indigo Slate. Read his advice, struggles, and ultimate triumph as he made a massive career change to pursue his goals.


Join us for the 2nd Annual Veteran Tech Summit!

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on October 16, 2018

Veterans, supporters, and members of Seattle’s tech industry, you are invited for our second annual Veteran Tech Summit on November 1, 2018!


Money-Back Guarantees, Placement Stats, Starting Salaries, Oh My!

By Mitch Robertson on October 10, 2018

Here’s how to sort through the data and find the right school for you.


From Seattle to Cedar Rapids: Meet the School Bringing Tech Education to Iowa

By Mitch Robertson on September 21, 2018

Did you know that 12 schools license our curriculum to train software developers in their cities?


6 Reasons for Pair Programming

By Allie Grampa on August 24, 2018

Iterative loops. Code reviews. Fast feedback. Error checking and linting. These are software engineering practices that have proven to dramatically improve the quality of code developers produce. What if you can could get all of this, instantaneously, while typing code line by line and character by character? You can, with pair programming, a technique common to many agile work environments.


Meet Kevin: From Commercial Photographer to Software Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on August 22, 2018

Meet Kevin Miller! He started his career as a commercial photographer, and as tech advancements started to influence his work, he was intrigued by the possibilities for a creator who knew how to code. Here’s how he went from photography to code, what he loved about his learning experience, and what his work looks like as a developer at Nordstrom.


Meet Rob: From Math Teacher to Software Design Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on July 27, 2018

Meet Rob Reed! He started learning to code as a math teacher to make lessons more visual for his students, and realized he loved the challenge coding presented. Read how he made the most of his time on campus, what he loves about the tech industry, and how he became a Software Design Engineer at Concur.


Hiring Devs? Us Too. Here's How We Built Our Best Team

By Mike Green on July 25, 2018

“Amazon is buying up all the best engineering talent.”


Meet Amber: From Front-End to Full-Stack with help from the GI Bill

By Sarah June Fischer on July 19, 2018

Meet Amber Kim! She was running her own web design and marketing firm while her husband was in the military. When they settled in Seattle, she was able to use his GI Bill funds to expand her skill set at Code Fellows. She shares about her learning journey and her advice for other military spouses who are thinking about a career in tech.


People, Partners, Products: Seattle Orgs Win Big with Our Expanded Employer Services

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on July 13, 2018

We hear it all too often: competition is tight for tech talent.

It’s time to get creative.


Taking Command: Three Ways the Command Line Can Help You Write Better Code

By Michelle Ferreirae on July 11, 2018

The command line is a tool that can get in your way, or make complicated problems easier to solve. How can developers use the command line in their day-to-day development work?


How to Choose a Stack

By Sarah June Fischer on June 19, 2018

We get this question a lot: “How do I choose which Code 401 course to take?” Here’s how we answer.


Meet Allie! From University STEM Professor to Code Fellows Instructor

By Sarah June Fischer on June 8, 2018

Meet Allie! She spent six years teaching in higher education before joining the team at Code Fellows. Read about her start in programming, how she empathizes with new coders, and why she loves helping people start new careers in tech.


Meet Jeremiah: From Bartender to Azure Customer Support Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on May 31, 2018

Meet Jeremiah Walters! He met software developers while bartending in Seattle, and was inspired to check out jobs in the tech industry. After five months studying at Code Fellows, he now helps Microsoft customers get the most out of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Read his motivation for learning JavaScript, and his advice for other people of color joining the tech industry.


Meet Gregory: From Army Electrician to Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on May 15, 2018

Meet Gregory Dukes! His career path lacked direction until he decided to learn to code at Code Fellows. Find out how he made the decision to study ASP.NET, what his job search looked like, and how he went from new hire to lead dev in just three weeks on the job!


Meet Amanda: From Visual Content Developer to Software Development Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on May 10, 2018

Meet Amanda Koster! She was ready for new challenges in her career and fascinated by coding. After realizing the need for a hybrid of creative and code, and that teams of diverse developers can build better products for more people, she decided to pursue a new career in programming. Read about her career transition, and her advice for others who are considering the same path.


Setting Up Google Docs for Technical Interview Happiness

By Michelle Ferreirae on May 2, 2018

Use these settings to turn Google Docs into a passable development environment for your technical phone screen.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 5: Java

By Steve Geluso on April 26, 2018

Java is powerful. It’s one of the most established, trusted programming languages in the software industry. Computer science programs teach it, and it helps companies big and small build secure, performant platforms.


A Startup’s Experience Getting to MVP with Code Fellows Alums

By James Ni on April 20, 2018

Our company needed to find a few developers to help speed up development of our denim recommendation website, LookFitFeel. Here’s how two recent Code Fellows graduates rose to the challenge.


Microsoft Engineers Mentor Code Fellows Alumni During Philanthropic Hackathon

By Sarah June Fischer on April 17, 2018

In our new Career Accelerator Program, participating graduates and alumni get access to exclusive opportunities to grow their skills and their network. As part of this program, Microsoft recently invited a handful of graduates to join an employee-only hackathon, hosted at their headquarters in Redmond.


Meet Morgan: From Technical Program Manager to Software Development Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on April 11, 2018

Meet Morgan Nomura! During her time as a TPM at Nordstrom, she got a front row seat to the work that software developers do every day. She studied at Code Fellows to quickly learn modern Python programming, and now works with the very developers who inspired her to try coding over a year ago.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 4: ASP.NET

By Sarah June Fischer on April 5, 2018

How do you choose your first software development stack? More importantly, do you even know what a software development “stack” is?


Meet Erik: From Puzzle Master to Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on March 29, 2018

Meet Erik Enderlein! With his love of puzzles, an escape room seemed like the perfect place to work. But his job there presented him with a different kind of puzzle: creating software for timers and other features that would make the experience better for customers.


See What Students Build in Code 401: Full-Stack JavaScript

By Code Fellows on March 20, 2018

You’ve seen what students can create after an intense 10 weeks in Code 401: Python—now check out what our JavaScript students are creating by the time they finish their advanced programming course.


Sprints in Tech: A Glimpse at How Dev Teams Work in the Real World

By Danielle Martin on March 16, 2018

My name is Danielle Martin and I’m a product manager at Avvo, a Seattle tech company on a mission to get people the legal help they deserve.


Meet Caleb: From Tech Management to Software Design Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on March 9, 2018

Meet Caleb Wells! He wanted a career in tech but wasn’t sure if coding was for him. After pursuing his education at Code Fellows, he was hired as a Software Design Engineer at Alaska Airlines. Read how he changed his career potential in just five months!


How to Be the Best!

By Misty Hays on March 6, 2018

You just landed your first job and you’re excited! You worked hard to get here and now it’s your time to burst through the dirt and become the strong Douglas-fir that you are. You were destined for great things, so let’s show ‘em who’s the best!


For Women’s History Month, We’re Celebrating the Women of Code Fellows

By Sarah June Fischer on March 2, 2018

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the many women who have walked the halls of our campus.


Seattle Tech Company Recruits Python Students to Build SDK as Class Project

By Sarah June Fischer on February 27, 2018

By the time our students graduate from Code 401, they’re writing professional-grade code.


Meet David: From Sworn Peace Officer to Software Development Engineer Apprentice

By Sarah June Fischer on February 22, 2018

Meet David Lim! He spent 13 years in military and public service and realized he wanted the more predictable and stable schedule provided by a job in tech. He shares how he used his GI Bill benefits to study at Code Fellows and land a role as a software development apprentice at Amazon.


Soft Skills for Software Developers

By Cynthia Wang on February 17, 2018

In a 2016 Harvard Business Review article, The Soft Skills of Great Digital Organizations, Alexandra Samuel has this to say: “Smart organizations have recognized that introducing new technology into the workplace isn’t about hardware or software: it’s about wetware, also known as human beings. If you want to be the kind of nimble business that can make the most of successive waves of tech innovation, you need human beings who can adapt to change.”


What to Expect After Code School, Part 2: I got a new job! Now what?

By Steven Bateman on February 15, 2018

In part 1, we went over what you should expect as you look for your first job as a software developer. Once you land that first role, here’s what you should expect as you ramp up into your new career.


What to Expect After Code School, Part 1: I Graduated! Now What?

By Steven Bateman on February 13, 2018

Wrapping up a Code 401 course is a huge achievement. It feels like the culmination of everything that’s been set aside in the pursuit of a different career. It’s a fantastic moment to look back at the first day of 201 and realize everything you’ve learned since then. It warrants celebration and a sense of accomplishment.


Mock Interviews: The Path to an Effective & Inclusive Hiring Process

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on February 7, 2018

It’s no secret. Software developers are in high demand, and the interview door swings both ways—they’re assessing your company as much as you’re deciding if they’re a good fit for the role.


Meet Stuart! From Front-End Developer to Full-Stack Software Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on February 3, 2018

After 8 years as a front-end developer, Stuart Kershaw decided to pursue full-stack engineering positions in the competitive Seattle market. The high bar at interviews convinced him to follow through with a long interest in Code Fellows. After finish Code 301 and Code 401, he was offered a position as a Software Engineer with a successful Seattle startup.


10 Student Loan Terms Everyone Should Know

By Skills Fund on January 25, 2018

Editor’s Note: Partnering with Skills Fund for student financing options is one of the many ways we try to make our program more accessable to more people. Today, the Skills Fund team shares the 10 terms you need to know before signing for a student loan.


See What Students Build in Code 401: Python

By Sarah June Fischer on January 12, 2018

We recently featured the projects that students create in Code 201 and Code 301 during project week—the final week of their course.


This Code Fellows Alum Wanted an App... So He Learned to Code & Built it Himself

By Sarah June Fischer on January 5, 2018

Meet Derek Graham! He learned to code at Code Fellows and created Box-o-matic, an app that creates patterns for users to create their own boxes and containers.


Five Ways to Save Money While You're in School

By on December 21, 2017

Editor’s Note: Our partnership with Skills Fund is one of the many financing options for our students. Today, the Skills Fund team shares simple ways to manage your expenses while in school.


Meet Yana: Substitute Teacher Turned Web Developer Apprentice

By Sarah June Fischer on December 14, 2017

Meet Yana Radenska! She was accepted into an apprenticeship program through WTIA’s Apprenti and completed her technical training at Code Fellows before starting her apprenticeship at Avvo.


The Four Principles of Nailing a Tech Interview

By Jacob Hawken on December 12, 2017

Let’s rip off the store-brand adhesive bandage really fast: Tech interviews are intimidating. On the whole they’re tough, stressful, and often quite arbitrary.


2017 Software Developer Gift Guide

By Sarah June Fischer on December 8, 2017

‘Tis the season to pick up the perfect gift for the developer in your life. To help you on your hunt, we’ve assembled some of our favorite books, gadgets, and accessories on the market.


Recruiting Revealed: Understanding the Role of Recruiters

By Amanda O’Shannessy & Angela Stugren on December 7, 2017

If you’ve never worked in Human Resources or on a recruiting team, it’s likely that the hiring process and the role of recruiters is shrouded in a bit of mystery.


Should Your Employer Fund Your Education? Here’s How (and Why!) You Should Ask

By Hugo Guerra on November 29, 2017

Whether you are in engineering, the wider tech sector, or the corporate world in general, continuing your education is essential to remaining valuable as an asset and relevant within your industry.


Help Raise $100K Towards 2018 Diversity Scholarships!

By Mitch Robertson on November 21, 2017

Since launching our Diversity Scholarship Fund in 2015, we’ve partnered with individuals and companies such as Expedia, Zillow, and Substantial to fund over $1.4M in scholarships.


Apprenticeships: The Time-Tested Model Changing the Face of Tech

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on November 17, 2017

The tech industry is known for blazing trails, for seeing new opportunities, and for pushing boundaries.


See What Code 301 Students Can Build

By Sarah June Fischer on November 15, 2017

In a recent article, we featured a few of our Code 201 students—most with no previous programming experience—and what they can build after just three weeks of training.


Meet Ted: Mechanical Engineer Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on November 10, 2017

Meet Ted Callahan! His six-year career as a mechanical engineer was moving slow, and he decided he needed a change. He shares what he loves about the tech industry, why Code Fellows’ program was the right fit for him, and what he would say to anyone else considering the same path.


<HelloReact/> Day 1 — React from Scratch — 30 Days of React

By Rob Merrill on October 31, 2017

Would you like to get started learning the basics of react without getting bogged down creating a development environment?


3 Lessons from ‘Do What Works: The Diversity & Inclusion Guide for Excellence’

By Morgan Nomura on October 28, 2017

We hear a lot about the need for diversity and inclusion in technology companies.


Cooking, Coding & Career Changes: A Chef’s Journey in Learning to Code

By Kayla Asay on October 20, 2017

Hello! My name is Kayla Asay and I am a software engineer.


Tutoring Now Available From Code Fellows

By Jeff Malek on October 5, 2017

Here at Code Fellows, we’re always looking for new ways to add value to our community and help people from all backgrounds learn new tech skills.


Students Squash 51 Bugs in Inaugural Partner Bug Bash

By Allie Grampa on October 3, 2017

Code Fellows hosted its first ever Bug Bash in partnership with Avalara, a Seattle-based company that automates sales tax calculations for businesses.


Making The Transition from Software Engineer To Manager

By Daryl Thayil on September 27, 2017

Software Engineering is the ultimate expression of problem solving.


Alumni-Focused Events Boost Grads’ Careers & Community

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on September 25, 2017

As the first coding academy in the Seattle market, we launched our operations in 2013 with hopes of improving the quality of tech education and access to careers in tech.


Veteran Tech Summit: A Recap of Washington’s Inaugural Veteran and Technology Event

By Lizzie Tao on September 22, 2017

Last week, Bunker Labs Seattle, FourBlock, Operation Code, and Code Fellows teamed up to organize Washington’s first ever Veteran Tech Summit.


What Can You Build After Code 201? Here's a Glimpse.

By Sarah June Fischer on September 7, 2017

What can students in Code 201 build by the end of a very intense four weeks? As it turns out, quite a lot.


Game AI: Student Project Dives Into Machine Learning

By Sarah June Fischer on August 31, 2017

We’ve seen some impressive projects come out of the four-day sprint dubbed Project Week at Code Fellows. From online drum kits to Google Street View on Mars, we’re continually amazed by what students create in just one week.


For Charlottesville

By Jeff Malek on August 26, 2017

It’s incredible how the appalling recent events in Charlottesville have resulted in an uprising of good will and kindred spirits around the world.


Meet Evan: From the U.S. Army to Porch's Dev Team

By Sarah June Fischer on August 24, 2017

When a family member stumbled upon Code Fellows from a Google search, it seemed like a great opportunity for Evan Paige to fast track his learning. He shares how his background in the military aided his learning, how he got the job at Porch, and more.


The Significance of Allies

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on August 16, 2017

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” –Nelson Mandela


Meet Nathan: Coder, Entrepreneur, and Founder of pennypost

By Sarah June Fischer on August 11, 2017

Nathan Maas wanted to use his knack for innovation to help people stay connected, regardless of their location. After learning to code at Code Fellows, he went on to start pennypost as a way to help people stay in touch around the world.


New Partnership with Seattle Central College Increases Access to Education

By Code Fellows on August 4, 2017

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Seattle Central College, an established Seattle institute focusing on student diversity, quality education, and community partnerships.


Why React? A Deeper Look into Facebook’s Hit Framework

By Mark Palfreeman on August 2, 2017

React, Facebook’s open-source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, recently hit its four year anniversary 😯, so it’s worthwhile to take stock of where it came from, what’s changed, and what its ecosystem looks like today.


New Code 401 Course Focuses on ASP.NET Core, Microsoft’s Open Source Framework

By Amanda Iverson on August 1, 2017

We’re excited to announce a new course in our Code 400 level! Code 401: Advanced Software Development in ASP.NET Core is coming to the Code Fellows lineup, focusing on programming in Microsoft’s new open source, cross-platform framework.


Code Fellows and Dev Bootcamp Partner to Support Students

By Code Fellows on July 28, 2017

Earlier this month, we learned that our friends at Dev Bootcamp are closing down after five years of providing quality education and serving thousands of developers across the country.


I Can Do Things That Are Hard: How Learning to Code Changed My Life

By Jake Hawken on July 27, 2017

Not too long ago, I wasn’t a programmer.


Stability: An Open Letter from Code Fellows CEO

By Jeff Malek on July 21, 2017

The past few weeks have been game changing for the code school marketplace, and for students in training to become developers across the country.


Meet Rae: Yogi Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on July 21, 2017

Rae Helsel is a yoga instructor who decided to make a career switch to mobile development. She shares how her background made her the perfect fit for a New York startup, what she loved most about her learning experience, and her advice for anyone considering a similar transition.


10 Tips to Nail Your Next Networking Event

By Izzy Baer on July 18, 2017


Code Fellows Students Win Seattle Sports Tech Hackathon

By Sarah June Fischer on July 12, 2017

The only thing better than seeing the amazing projects students build in class is watching them apply their skills in the community. Recently, five Code Fellows students worked on projects that won grand prize, Best Product, and runner up in the second annual Seattle Sports Tech Hackathon.


Less Talk, More Action: Hiring Practices That Innovate with Inclusion

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on July 8, 2017

The tech industry has a track record of shaking up long-established industries and being future-focused—so how is that being applied towards creating more inclusive hiring practices?


Aligning Forces: Google Hosts Code Fellows Community for Tech Panel

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on July 5, 2017

At Code Fellows, our highest priority is the success of our grads. The diversity of our student base means we actively participate in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, getting out in the Seattle community to build bridges on behalf of our students and others who are trying to break into the industry.


Build Your First VR Experience in Just 2 Weeks

By Peter Mosher on July 3, 2017

Come all you dreamers, designers, builders and innovators. The wait is over!


From Military Bootcamp to Code School: Two Veterans Share Their Journey To Code Fellows

By Mary Bergeron, SwitchUp on June 30, 2017

Thomas Martinez and Remil Marzan are military veterans who both graduated from Code Fellows in Seattle. When considering a coding education, they both were looking for a school that accepts the G.I. Bill, was well-reviewed, and had an excellent reputation in the tech industry.


Beginner-Level Students Level Up with Drum Kit Web App

By Sarah June Fischer on June 28, 2017

In just four weeks, Code 201 students go from no coding background to spending a full week building their first complete web application. Time and again they rise to the challenge, and we’re always impressed with the projects they create.


Meet Eve: Social Worker Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on June 21, 2017

Eve’s unique background in art and social work may seem unrelated to a software development career, but those skills are exactly why she had an offer in hand before she’d even graduated.


Meet the Team: Mindy Mills, Admissions Advisor

By Sarah June Fischer on June 14, 2017

Meet Mindy! As a part of the admissions team at Code Fellows, she helps aspiring devs know if our program is right for them, and helps them get fully prepared for their first day of class.


Code 101: Your Introduction to a Tech Career

By Sarah June Fischer on June 6, 2017

It’s like Career Day for adults.


Our New Expanded Mobile App Development Curriculum Includes Android

By Brook Riggio on May 26, 2017

Exciting changes are coming to our mobile development curriculum!


Meet Kaylyn: Nurse Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on May 24, 2017

Meet Kaylyn Yuh! She graduated from Code Fellows as a full-stack JavaScript developer and now works as a software engineer at CBRE. She shares more about her time in class and what has surprised her most about her new role in tech.


Meet the Team: Adam Wallraff, iOS Developer & Lead Instructor

By Sarah June Fischer on May 18, 2017

Meet Adam, our stellar lead iOS instructor and one of the many talented developers we have on instructional staff at Code Fellows. He shares more about his background, recommendations for aspiring iOS devs, why elephants would make great transportation, and more.


Java: Time Tested, Scalable, and Essential for the Novice and Expert Alike

By Brad Farr on May 17, 2017

Earlier this year, Stack Overflow conducted a survey of over 64,000 developers. Whether you’re a web developer, desktop developer, system admin, or data scientist, the verdict is the same: Java is an incredibly valuable skill to be able to list on your résumé.


Making Meaningful Contributions Towards Increasing Diversity In Tech

By The Code Fellows Team on May 10, 2017

Over half a million people live in the greater Seattle area—with over two million in all of King County—from all walks of life and employment backgrounds: accountants, baristas, bartenders, electricians, and software developers. Not everyone is so fortunate.


8 Tips When Starting Your Dev Career After Code School

By Jeff Chavez on May 4, 2017

If you’re reading this as a code school graduate, well done! As an alumni of Code Fellows, I know the feeling of relief when you submit your final project and have your certificate in hand.


Less Talk, More Action: Three Companies Weigh In On Diversity & Inclusion

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on April 27, 2017

It’s a little ironic to host a talk titled “Less Talk, More Action.” But in an industry where companies (should) have the same goal—creating a more diverse, inclusive culture—we need to take the time to share what’s working.


Pain vs. Suffering: An Open Letter from Code Fellows' Python Instructor

By Nicholas Hunt-Walker on April 25, 2017

So you want to learn Python. That’s awesome! However, if you’re going to learn Python at Code Fellows, there are a few things you need to know.


Coding for Social Good: Applying a Career in Social Work to Mobile App Development

By Eve Denison on April 10, 2017

Meet Eve! Her master’s degree and 10-year career in social work impacted her decision to use technology to continue help people. She shares her experience changing careers, how she plans to use her new training in mobile development to benefit others, and some encouraging words for others who are making the switch.


A Tale of Two Bootcamps: Muay Thai Kickboxing vs. Code 201

By Glen Pham on April 4, 2017


Algorithm Fundamentals: Merge Sort

By John Shiver on March 28, 2017

Imagine having a phone book without the last names sorted alphabetically. Or a dictionary with words unorganized. Ever tried to find a web page on the internet without the help of a search engine to rank results by relevance?


Salesforce Developer: The Lucrative Coding Career You’ve Never Heard Of

By Scott Mantei on March 23, 2017

Salesforce developers are in high demand.


Diversity in Tech: How Diversity Partners are Making an Impact

By Elizabeth Scutchfield on March 21, 2017

For years, tech companies have been challenged to diversify their teams. We look to the data, using the demographics of tech giants like Google and Twitter to gauge how the entire industry is performing.


Meet Lee: Project Manager Turned UX Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on March 13, 2017

Lee Broxson used a systematic schedule to apply for jobs and start a new career as a UX Engineer. Read on to learn the gameplan that leads to job offers from three different companies, plus his insight on how to land the right job after a coding bootcamp.


Meet Victor: From Military Intelligence to Booz Allen Hamilton

By Sarah June Fischer on March 4, 2017

What do military veterans have to say about their time at Code Fellows?


It’s About Trust.

By Code Fellows on March 1, 2017

We ask our students to level up—to lean in to intensive training, to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of the students around them, and to develop a growth mindset, pushing them to do extraordinary things.


Meet David: Navy Veteran Turned Data Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on February 24, 2017

When Navy veteran David Fazio starting looking for long-term career paths that built on the technical training he’d received in the Navy, all signs pointed to software development. He shares how his military experience prepared him for a coding bootcamp, and his advice on acing the job search after graduation.


Meet Selena & Disa: The Mother-Daughter Pair Learning to Code Together

By Sarah June Fischer on February 14, 2017

Many of our students come to Code Fellows because of testimonials from friends who excelled in the program. It’s more rare that parents see the success their children experience and decide to enroll themselves—but that’s exactly what happened when Disa saw her daughter, Selena, successfully learn to code.


Meet Stefanie: From Psychology to Microsoft's LEAP Program

By Sarah June Fischer on February 10, 2017

Stefanie Hansen was struggling to find a career path that was creative, intellectual, meaningful, and collaborative—until she started learning to code. Read along as she shares about her journey, getting accepted to Microsoft’s LEAP program, advice for aspiring developers, and more.


Cracking the Coding Bootcamp: How to Succeed After the Hurricane

By John Shiver on January 31, 2017

Now that I’ve been in the tech industry for a few years since completing the Code Fellows program, I’m often asked for advice by others who want to take a similar path. Many people said my ideas were helpful, so I wanted to share them with a wider audience.


Resource Roundup: Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply to Code Fellows

By Sarah June Fischer on January 23, 2017

Thinking about enrolling in a coding bootcamp to give your skills an upgrade and boost your career?

To help answer some of your questions about what to expect at Code Fellows—both before you apply, during the program, and after you graduate—we’ve assembled our top articles in one place.


7 Battle-Tested Tips to Prepare for a Coding Bootcamp

By Sarah June Fischer on January 10, 2017

Picking the right coding bootcamp and gearing up for learning over an intense several months can be a daunting process. Once you’ve picked the language you want to learn and narrowed it down to two or three schools, there are tours to take, phone screens to schedule, and entrance tests to pass.


Code Fellows Awarded SwitchUp’s Badge of Excellence

By Sarah June Fischer on January 4, 2017

We wanted to take a moment and thank our exceptional students and staff who contributed to Code Fellows winning SwitchUp’s 2016 Best Bootcamp Award!


Meet Wheatlessin, the Student-Built App that Makes Gluten-Free Dining Easy

By Sarah June Fischer on December 20, 2016

In Code 301—our intermediate web development class—students stretch their coding ability as they work with APIs, encounter bigger challenges, and build more advanced projects.


Meet David: Fleet Manager Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on December 16, 2016

When David Porter was accepted to Code Fellows, the help of a Diversity Scholarship meant he could pursue his dream of becoming an iOS developer. He shares what he’s liked most about the program and his advice for other students who are breaking into the tech industry.


The 6+ Skills Every Developer Needs (and How to Test for Them)

By Sarah June Fischer on December 12, 2016

Exploring a new career is daunting. You probably have a thousand questions, starting with “Can I even do this?” While anyone can be a successful developer with hard work and the right training, there are a few things you can test (and be working on) that will help you decide if a development career is the right fit.


10+ Gift Ideas for Developers

By Sarah June Fischer on December 6, 2016

Need a gift idea for that special someone who is always hard to buy for? We’ve got you covered.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 3: iOS

By Sarah June Fischer on December 2, 2016

If you’re exploring a career as a coder, your first question is probably “Which language is best?” followed by, “How do I learn it well enough for someone to hire me?”


How to Choose a Stack, Part 2: Full-Stack JavaScript

By Sarah June Fischer on November 28, 2016

Exploring a career in tech, but unsure which language to learn first? In this series, we’re detailing the pros of each language you can learn here at Code Fellows to help make that decision a little easier.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 1: Python

By Sarah June Fischer on November 23, 2016

We get the question a lot: how do I know which programming language to learn first? Since you’ll likely learn more than a few languages throughout your software development career, which language you learn first usually comes down to personal preference and what kind of software you want to build. In this blog series, we’ll lay out the pros of each language, show you what you can build, give salary and job data, and help clear up some of the questions around the languages we teach at Code Fellows.


A Simple Request In Support of Inclusivity

By Jeff Malek on November 21, 2016

I want to put aside party politics for a moment and talk about something that is a shared concern, regardless of your party affiliation—something unifying.


Women Hold the Majority in Recent Code 201 Course

By Sarah June Fischer on November 17, 2016

We wanted to share a huge win in our mission to encourage more women in tech! In August, our Code 201 cohort finished strong with impressive projects and an even more impressive male-to-female ratio.


Technical Interviews Suck… Here's How to Ace Them

By Brook Riggio on November 16, 2016

The software industry has a love/hate relationship with the technical interview. Candidates hate it, and interviewers love it (hey, it worked to get them hired!).


Join Us for Seattle Startup Week 2016

By Brandy Rhodes on November 14, 2016

What truly makes Seattle Startup Week great?


"Every technical interview I have had in the last two months has led to a job offer"  — Code Fellows graduate Yvonne Hayes

By Jordana Gustafson on November 8, 2016

Yvonne Hayes had been living in Mexico, where she and her husband own a bar and grill. They moved to Portland to be nearer to family and so that Yvonne could go to code school.


Learn Data Analysis & Visualization with Python in New Code 501 Course

By Nicholas Hunt-Walker on November 7, 2016

I’m excited to be teaching our first Code 501 course, Introduction to Data Analysis & Visualization with Python. When we started talking about offering advanced, specialized courses in a 500-level series, I knew I had to bring this training to my fellow Python developers.


Introducing Diversity & Inclusion Sessions at Seattle Startup Week

By Dave Parker on November 3, 2016

A friend of mine, Rodney Sampson, a partner at TechSquare Labs, made a statement at an event I recently attended that has stuck with me: “Diversity gets us a seat at the table. Inclusion gets us a voice in the dinner conversation. Equity gets us our fair share.”


Mars Street View: Student Project Gives Glimpse of Rover Life on the Red Planet

By Sarah June Fischer on November 2, 2016

When Will Weatherford was brainstorming projects to pitch to his Python class, he took to Reddit to provide some inspiration.


New Courses Announced! Short-Term Code 501 Offers Long-Term Results

By Sarah June Fischer on October 31, 2016

Whether you’ve been a professional developer for a week or your entire career, you’re well aware that there will always be something new to learn—and that frameworks, languages, and tools don’t always come with the best documentation or resources.


Five Reasons Why Code Fellows is Now Teaching Java

By Ivan Storck on October 27, 2016

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a new Code 501: Foundations of Java one-week programming course at Code Fellows, coming soon! For years, Java has consistently maintained its place as the world’s most popular language used today. Here’s why:


How to Test Into Code 401

By Sarah June Fischer on October 26, 2016

Are you a hobbyist developer, website manager, or STEM graduate who wants to explore a career crafting code? A job in the tech industry offers huge potential: you can utilize creative problem solving skills, work collaboratively with a team of smart people, be on the cutting edge of what’s transforming our world, be well-compensated for getting to build cool stuff—the list goes on.


Why Code? A Veteran's Take on Learning to Code at Code Fellows

By Victor Benavente on October 24, 2016

By now the news is out: Code Fellows is an approved school with the Veterans Association and Washington State, and you can use your GI Bill® to attend this coding bootcamp. So why do it?


Immutable, Stateless React Components

By Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater on October 17, 2016

Building a project with React? In this post, Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater sheds some helpful light on stateless components.


5 Types of Non-Tech Companies That Need Software Developers

By Lauren Sauser on October 11, 2016

Technology companies aren’t the only businesses that depend on coders, or pay them well. Both the public and private sectors benefit from the specialized support of software developers, and the opportunities for employment are diverse.


How to Finance Your Bootcamp Education

By Dave Parker on October 4, 2016

One of the biggest challenges that students face is how to fund a coding program—a decision that includes figuring out if third party financing is right for them.


For the History Books: Eight Famous Programmers You Should Know

By Lauren Sauser on September 26, 2016

The who’s who of modern computer science is an influence cadre, built upon the legacy of names like Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, and Grace Hopper, and characterized by the revolution they helped create.


Diversity at Work: Why It Should Be an All-hands Mission

By Lauren Sauser on September 20, 2016

When organizations survey a limited spectrum of employees for each job created—Ivy League grads with their MBA, for example—they put themselves at risk for the kind of strategic monoculture that endangers innovation.


The Success of Pokemon GO (and What Developers Can Learn From It)

By Lauren Sauser on September 12, 2016

Before it became a niche project at Google or a global phenomenon, Pokémon GO was an April Fool’s joke. It turns out this mobile “joke” was destined to earn 25 million daily users in a single week, double the value of Nintendo’s stock, and spark a social contagion that stands unprecedented in the history of mankind’s interest in gaming.


Practice Makes Perfect: Preparing for Tech Interview Questions

By Lauren Sauser on September 6, 2016

Succeeding in a programming interview requires practice. Along with technical skill, you’ll need the initiative and confidence to share what you know. Intentional practice of a few common interview questions will help you succinctly showcase why you’re a good fit.

Below, read the six common questions that hiring managers often use in their search for technology professionals, then get some additional tips and tools for adequately preparing for the big in-person interview.


5 Types of Tech Companies You Should Consider Working For

By Lauren Sauser on August 29, 2016

Companies need software developers—and whether you’re looking to round out your resume or to secure a new and gratifying challenge—organizations both large and small are eager to receive applications from competent, qualified developers.


Meet Kate: A Conservationist Who Found New Passion In Code

By Dave Parker on August 25, 2016

Kate Zurlo-Cuva moved to Seattle for family, only to discover her love for front-end development, and a new career as a Technical Project Manager.


Stacked Model: How to Expedite Your Job Search

By Lauren Sauser on August 22, 2016

Changing careers and finding the perfect job is about dedication, confidence, and sticking to a system. In your quest to become a professional software developer, improving your skills at a coding bootcamp and stacking your job applications can lead to multiple offers and higher pay.


Meet Branton: Microsoft Veteran Turned iOS Developer

By Dave Parker on August 18, 2016

After more than 12 years at Microsoft, Branton Boehm was ready to take on a new challenge.


Expanded Financing Options Now Available from Skills Fund

By Lauren Bauml on August 16, 2016

Congrats! By reading this, you’ve taken the first step towards transforming your life and career with Code Fellows’ high-quality web and mobile development training. With a number of important decisions ahead of you, we’ve laid out a roadmap to help navigate the journey ahead.


Stuck in a Rut? 5 Ways to Revamp Your Job Search

By Lauren Sauser on August 15, 2016

If you’re struggling in your job search, it’s time to alter your strategy. Here are some tips for when you’re knee-deep in job applications and not getting results.


Climb Credit Financing is Now Available for Code Fellows Students

By Code Fellows on August 11, 2016

We’re excited to announce a new financing option for our students! Code Fellows and Climb have partnered to offer financing for Code 201, Code 301, and Code 401 on both the full-time and part-time tracks.


5 Technologies Changing K-12 Education

By Lauren Sauser on August 9, 2016

In the midst of mind-numbing testing cycles, burgeoning enrollment, and shrinking budgets, American classrooms need help—and educational technology (ed-tech) may be part of the emergent solution.


Meet Tara: Developer at Jaguar Land Rover

By Jordana Gustafson on August 5, 2016

If you met Tara Kreft last fall and then ran into her again today, you’d notice two major differences.


How to Assess and Negotiate a Job Offer

By Sanjala Chitnis on August 2, 2016

Effectively evaluating and negotiating an offer involves understanding individual priorities and knowing the hiring market. When switching careers, be prepared to ask potential employers for what you’re worth—and then negotiate for it.


Join the Community: 8 Websites Where You Should Make Your Presence Known

By Lauren Sauser on July 26, 2016

Being active in an online community is a productive way to build connections and diversify your understanding and experience with software. We recommend these eight networks to get you started.


Meet Keri: Marketer Turned Front-End Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on July 21, 2016

Keri Brady was pursuing a career in marketing when she realized she wanted to expand her technical skill set—and career potential—as she continued to work with fast-growing startups. She shares why she chose Code Fellows and what helped her be successful during and after the program.


“Or Equivalent Experience”: Why You Don't Need a Four-Year Degree to Land a Coding Job

By Lauren Sauser on July 20, 2016

As total student loans in the US approach $1.5 trillion and the average university graduate braces for more than $35,000 in academic debt, more Americans are opting for less traditional—and faster—forms of education.


5 Technologies Changing the Agriculture Industry

By Lauren Sauser on July 8, 2016

The agriculture industry is tasked with feeding the inhabitants of planet earth, and considering that an estimated 795 million human beings go malnourished each day, the system has room for dramatic improvement.


Music Meets Code: How a Musician's Background Translates to a Career in Tech

By Lauren Sauser on July 6, 2016

For professionals and hobbyists alike, software has become a necessary component for the recording, mastering, and distribution of music. Code connects artists and audiences in ways unimaginable to the rock stars of yesteryear. The laptop—while lacking the stage presence of an electric guitar—has emerged as the hallmark tool for a new generation of music makers.


Meet Chelsea: From Data Entry to Full-Stack

By Sarah June Fischer on June 30, 2016

Chelsea Lura decided to level up in her career and become a Full-Stack JavaScript developer through Code Fellows. She shares what she’s getting to do now and some advice for fellow students.


10 Tips to Interview Well

By Lauren Sauser on June 28, 2016

Not knowing how to answer an interview question; being late; delivering a weak handshake; saying the wrong thing—these are just a few of the nightmares that lurk in the dark corners of a job hunt. The good news? All of these anxieties can be easily alleviated with deliberate preparation before your next interview.


How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume

By Lauren Sauser on June 18, 2016

When applying to jobs in software development, as in any other profession, you should expect to compete against other highly qualified applicants. A common concern we hear from incoming students is that their previous work history or gaps in their resume will hinder their job search. Even with demand for software developers at an all-time high, it’s essential to consider how your past work experience will affect your hireability going forward, particularly as you interview for your dream job.


Meet Clare: Scientist, Yeast Engineer, and Code Fellows Graduate

By Lauren Sauser on June 16, 2016

Clare Monahan spent half a decade as a protein engineer. As she neared her financial limitations as a scientist without a PhD, she turned her attention to writing code. Clare shares with us about her transition from the lab to the classroom, and then to a new career as a software developer.


What is the Cloud?

By Lauren Sauser on June 14, 2016

It’s not magic that allows your smart phone to summon Snapchat’s responsive contortionism at a moment’s notice: it’s the vast network of computer servers located in branded warehouses around the planet that your device is fundamentally connected to. It’s the Cloud.


Meet Mark: Financial Analyst Turned Front-End Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on June 10, 2016

Mark Palfreeman realized he could combine both his creative and analytical side in a career in front-end development after working with data-centric and creative departments early in his career. He shares about the ups and downs during the course and what he’s doing now at Deloitte Digital.


How to Plan Your Career Change, Part 2

By Lauren Sauser on June 7, 2016

The first half of this series looked at five steps to explore a career in software development. From researching earning potential to attending introductory classes, you’ve prepared to make the switch.


Meet Mike: Starbucks Shift Supervisor Turned Full-Stack Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on June 3, 2016

Mike Elliott was teaching himself to code and taking on freelance development projects while working at Starbucks. When he decided he wanted to pursue web development full time, he came to Seattle and enrolled at Code Fellows to put the final polish on his skill set. He shares about his experience and some pro tips for incoming students.


How to Plan Your Career Change, Part 1

By Lauren Sauser on May 31, 2016

If you are bored at your current job, dread Mondays, or just feel generally under-challenged and under-paid, you may need to do more than change jobs—it might be time to change your career.


A Letter To Seattle's Laid-Off Workers

By Lauren Sauser on May 27, 2016

While Forbes’ 2016 assessment ranks Seattle as one of the fastest growing cities in the US, several of the city’s most recognizable brands—including Boeing, Nordstrom, and Microsoft—have recently eliminated more than 1,000 jobs.


Is Code School an Alternative to College?

By Dave Parker on May 24, 2016

It’s that season again—the time of year when my friends are posting on Facebook about the amazing results of their child’s college acceptance for the upcoming academic season.


Meet Alexandra: Experienced Software Developer and Code Fellows Graduate

By Sarah June Fischer on May 20, 2016

Alexandra Norcross had 15 years of software development experience behind her when she opted for a change. After hearing about Code Fellows from a recent graduate, she decided to switch from developing for desktop and the web to programming iOS apps. She shares her experience during her course and what surprised her most about the program.


Creating Art With Code

By Lauren Sauser on May 18, 2016

Can code be used to create art? Absolutely—just ask the growing community of artists who are using free, open-source technology to engage audiences with a new medium of digital expression.


Code Fellows Presents MedBridge with GeekWire's Bootstrapper of the Year Award

By Lauren Sauser on May 10, 2016

The GeekWire Awards 2016 took place yesterday evening in the Sky Church of Seattle’s Experience Music Project to celebrate more than a dozen categories of tech innovation, including ‘Startup of the Year,’ ‘Next Tech Titan,’ and the ever-prestigious ‘Geek of the Year.’


Software Development Jobs: What You'll Do (and How Much You'll Make Doing It)

By Lauren Sauser on May 10, 2016

If you’re going to school to be a coder, you’ve likely already considered what job titles you may one day be adding to your LinkedIn profile. Differentiating between engineering and development titles is important for our graduates when choosing a career and building skills for success.


Meet Monica: Journalism Major, Front-End Developer, and Code Fellows Graduate

By Sarah June Fischer on May 5, 2016

Monica Davidson is a seasoned Code Fellows alumni and software developer who studied front-end development in a Bootcamp (now Code 201) and Development Accelerator (now Code 401). She shares how she used her training at Code Fellows to achieve a life-long dream and how her training as a journalist helped her become a better software developer.


Code Fellows Graduates Victorious at AngelHack

By Lauren Sauser on May 3, 2016

Congratulations to Code Fellows graduates Logan Tegman, Jesse Thach, Sabrina Tee, Natalie Chow, and Jose Tello for winning the grand prize at AngelHack’s April hackathon in Seattle!


Meet Kasim: Material Engineer, Software Developer, and Code Fellows Graduate

By Lauren Sauser on April 29, 2016

Kasim Siddiqui spoke with us about his return to Seattle, his search for a more purposeful career, and the importance of a supportive spouse. Siddiqui received a scholarship to attend Code Fellows in 2015, and studied full-stack JavaScript.


Parks n’ Tech: Code Fellows Student Project Acknowledged by Seattle Mayor

By Lauren Sauser on April 26, 2016

We’re proud to recognize the work of four students who were selected to showcase their Code 301 project, Seattle Park Finder, at the signing of an executive order by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray earlier this year. Murray’s order calls upon all city departments to make their public datasets available online.


Meet Ron: Navy Mechanic, Flight Instructor, and Code Fellows Graduate

By Lauren Sauser on April 19, 2016

Ron Floyd, veteran and graduate of Code Fellows Portland, gave us feedback on how he made the career switch, his first year employed as a Web Developer, and how he made the most of his time at Code Fellows.


We're Bringing Code 101 to New York

By Sarah June Fischer on April 16, 2016

We’re excited to announce that Code 101 is coming to New York City!


Inescapable Code

By Ross Buchanan on April 13, 2016

Editor’s Note: Code is truly everywhere. As our dependence on smartphones, wearable tech, and user-friendly digital kiosks and automotive touch screens and point-of-sale systems continues to grow, so does the need for people who can understand (and even build) what’s going on under the surface.


Boost Your Career: 8 Non-Programming Jobs that Benefit Big from a Coding Education

By Lauren Sauser on April 5, 2016

You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate the work-streams, vernacular, and economy of software development—but if your job requires you to directly support programmers, your proficiency with code will inevitably correlate with your compensation.


Getting Creative with an Education in Code

By Lauren Sauser on March 30, 2016

Nearly half of the occupations in the US will be computerized over the next 20 years, and many industries are rushing to renovate their products and services for the future. The brands, industries, and individuals who can deliver a quality user experience—particularly to a mobile audience—have the best chance of success.


Meet Emily: JavaScript Developer, Rabbi, and Code Fellows Graduate

By Lauren Sauser on March 22, 2016

Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater earned a certificate in Full-Stack JavaScript Development from Code Fellows in August 2015. She now works as a full-stack developer in Seattle, and enjoys building software that facilitates simple, practical, and socially-positive experiences for users.


Introducing Skills Fund, a New Lending Option for Students

By Sarah June Fischer on March 15, 2016

Our students can now apply for loans through Skills Fund!


Measuring Your Application For Success

By Lauren Sauser on March 15, 2016

Measuring your application’s performance offers an opportunity to objectively understand the product’s functional, practical, and financial viability. This means recording as much data as possible—and remaining determined to act based upon what certain segments of data expose.


Meet David Gardner, Code Fellows Grad and Co-Founder of DealTapp

By Lauren Sauser on March 8, 2016

David Gardner is a co-founder at DealTapp, an app that connects Seattleites (and soon, others) with the best local deals. Gardner completed an iOS development night class here at Code Fellows in 2015, and credits the atmosphere and instructors of the course with making his app possible.


3 Major Perks of Being a Software Developer

By Lauren Sauser on March 1, 2016

In the demanding market where they work, U.S. software developers earn almost double the average American worker. Additionally, the United States Department of Labor has predicted that the number of American software engineers will grow by 17% between 2014 and 2024—dramatically faster than any other occupational segment.


Aye, Robot! How High Tech is Changing the Assembly Line

By Lauren Sauser on February 23, 2016

The science fiction image of droids and robots going about daily life alongside humans is quickly becoming a reality. Futuristic fiction has predicted modern advancements in science and tech as we watch robots learn from humans and join assembly lines and factory floors.


How to Build a Web App, Part 4: Marketing and Promotion

By Lauren Sauser on February 13, 2016

You’ve spent countless hours preparing your web app for “The Market” . . . but what now? Do the people you’ve imagined using your product actually exist? And if so, how do you find them?


How to Build a Web App, Part 3: Pushing It Live

By Sarah June Fischer on February 6, 2016

Well done! You’ve successfully <a href="/blog/how-to-build-web-app-first-steps"">planned and built your project. Here’s how to get it on the web.


The Developers Who We Want to Be When We Grow Up

By Sarah June Fischer on February 2, 2016

There is no limit to how high a career in software development can take you. There’s a long list of programmers, engineers, self-taught coders, and scientists who have greatly influenced the tech industry and the technology that our students use today. As we thought about the amazing minds that inspire us at Code Fellows, four distinct traits surfaced. Here are the qualities that we admire in the innovators in the tech industry, and some of the engineers who have them.


How to Build a Web App, Part 2: Writing the Code

By Sarah June Fischer on January 26, 2016

Okay, you’ve checked off everything in Part 1 and are ready to start writing some code. What now?


What Success as a Developer Looks Like

By Sarah June Fischer on January 20, 2016

We have a saying at Code Fellows that all of our students hear at least once during their time on campus: “May the code you write today be better than the code you wrote yesterday.”


How to Build a Web App, Part 1: The First Steps

By Sarah June Fischer on January 9, 2016

The process of building a web app starts long before you write your first line of code. Here’s how to make a plan and what tools you’ll need before opening your text editor.


1984: The Year Women Left Coding

By Sarah June Fischer on January 5, 2016

Software development is rising in the ranks of lucrative and fulfilling professions, with salaries rivaling those of physicians and attorneys—with much less schooling required. But unlike law and healthcare, the tech industry is heavily dominated by men.


2015 in Review: 8 Advancements in Science and Tech

By Sarah June Fischer on December 29, 2015

The end of 2015 is approaching faster than we’d like, but this year hasn’t passed without a lot of monumental changes, especially in the realms of science and technology. Read on for some of the most exciting news of 2015.


2015 Gift Guide: Last-Minute Ideas for Your Favorite Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on December 15, 2015

The items we assembled for this year’s list all fit into two distinct categories: Form Follows Function, featuring more practical gifts, and For the Fandom, focused on less useful (but still awesome) gadgets. Check out the list below to find the perfect gift for the software developer in your life!


7 Everyday Tasks Brought to You By Code

By Sarah June Fischer on December 10, 2015

Long before the Internet of Things began exploring a computerized world with app-controlled home thermostats, lights, and security, computers changed the way we live. Did you know that these 7 everyday tasks are only possible because of computer code?


The PNW Is the Place to Be for Tech Jobs

By Sarah June Fischer on December 5, 2015

The numbers keep rolling in. If you want a stable job in the Pacific Northwest, turn to the tech industry. Here’s how acquihires, $1.1 billion in venture capital, and over 15,000 tech companies pump life into the Pacific Northwest.


Seahawk Tackle Russell Okung Launches the Greater Foundation, Our Newest Partner

By Sarah June Fischer on November 24, 2015

Code Fellows is proud to partner with the Greater Foundation to provide more opportunities for the next generation.


3 Issues Facing the Tech Industry that Impact Diversity

By Sarah June Fischer on November 19, 2015

Diversity—or rather, the lack—is stirring a lot of good conversations in the tech industry today. If you Google “minorities in tech,” over 230 million results come up, ranging from articles that highlight diversity issues to companies and organizations that are pledging to do something about it.


Programming is an Ideal Career Path for Military Veterans—Here's Why

By Sarah June Fischer on November 5, 2015

Leadership skills. Critical thinking. Discipline. The ability to work quickly under pressure. Focus on the team. Software development requires these skills, and military veterans already have them.


The Results Behind the Rise in Code Schools

By Sarah June Fischer on November 4, 2015

Code schools are a growing phenomenon across the U.S. More career switchers, hobbyist coders, and even seasoned devs with outdated skill sets are opting to spend $10k-$15k and two to four months in an intensive program rather than enroll in a Computer Science program or try to learn on their own.


4 of CNN's Top 10 Best Jobs in America Involve Coding

By Sarah June Fischer on October 21, 2015

Out of CNN’s 100 Best Jobs in America, Software Architect is #1.


Job Fairs: Connecting Partners and Alumni

By Sarah June Fischer on October 13, 2015

Thank you to the great companies who came out to our job fair!


Linked Lists in Objective-C: There’s a Protocol for That!

By Stephen Lardieri on October 7, 2015

In this blog post, iOS Development Accelerator student Stephen Lardieri explains how to use Objective-C protocols to eliminate special-case code from a typical linked list implementation.


Instructor Spotlight: Sam Hamm and the Transition from Higher Education to Teaching at Code Fellows, Part 2

By Sarah June Fischer on October 2, 2015

What does a seasoned higher education professor think of the intensive bootcamp model, and what are his tips for students preparing to take the plunge? Read part two of our interview with Sam Hamm, Code Fellows instructor and longtime technologist. Miss part 1? Read it here »


Instructor Spotlight: Sam Hamm and the Transition from Higher Education to Teaching at Code Fellows, Part 1

By Sarah June Fischer on October 2, 2015

Sam Hamm, our Code 201 instructor in Seattle, shares his background in technology and why he made the switch from teaching music at a college to helping other up-and-coming developers dive into the tech industry.


Co-Founder and VP of Education Gives a Glimpse of Code Fellows' Past and Future, Part 2

By Sarah June Fischer on September 16, 2015

Brook Riggio, one of the first Code Fellows instructors and the VP of Education, sits down with us to talk about why he loves to teach, how Code Fellows started, and what he’s excited for with the launch of our new program. Continued from Part 1.


Speech Recognition in the Browser

By Jakub Jedryszek on September 15, 2015

Special guest and Microsoft Engineer Jakub Jedryszek recently shared a presentation on speech recognition in the browser at our campus in Seattle. In case you missed it, read on to find out how you can integrate speech recognition into your app in pure JavaScript. For some background, read his first article on voice commands in the browser.


Co-Founder and VP of Education Gives a Glimpse of Code Fellows' Past and Future, Part 1

By Sarah June Fischer on September 15, 2015

Brook Riggio, one of the first Code Fellows instructors and the VP of Education, sits down with us to talk about why he loves to teach, how Code Fellows started, and what he’s excited for with the launch of our new program.


The End: Transitioning After a Full-Time Bootcamp

By Isabella Organ on September 9, 2015

Four weeks sounds like a really long time when you’re coming from working 20 hours per week into a course that promises 50+. Not to mention a commute that, while still not bad, is three times as long (in each direction) as what you are used to.

But in the blink of an eye, it was simply over.


Find the Right Program for You

By Dave Parker on September 3, 2015

How do you get a great job in a tech company? The answer to the question shouldn’t require a secret handshake or a hidden map. That’s why we’ve upgraded our program at Code Fellows.


It's Here: Get on the Fast Track to a Job in Tech

By Sarah June Fischer on August 21, 2015

Now you can take classes back to back and land a fulfilling job in the industry without missing a beat or wondering what’s next.


Something Big is Coming

By Sarah June Fischer on August 21, 2015

Keep it between the two of us.


Get a Great Job Faster With Our New Course Schedule

By Sarah June Fischer on August 18, 2015

We’ve reworked our program to ensure that it’s the fastest path to get you professionally trained and ready for a career in the tech industry.


Front-End Development Grads Show Off Final Projects

By Sarah June Fischer on August 8, 2015

After seven weeks in class, our Front-End Development Accelerator students were ready to spend their last week working on their final projects. They teamed up with the JavaScript students—who were halfway through their eight-week course—and put their skills to work. See what they created.


Meetups You Should Check Out This Month, Part 3: Chicago

By Sarah June Fischer on August 7, 2015

Meet entrepreneurs, software engineers, aspiring developers, startup founders, and others at an upcoming meetup! Check out the list below to find networking events near you.


Meetups You Should Check Out This Month, Part 2: Portland

By Jordana Gustafson on August 7, 2015

Looking for ways to meet other developers in the industry? Whether you need more talent for your team, some help on a project, or a chance to catch up with other devs, check out this list of weekly and monthly meetup groups right here in Portland.


Meetups You Should Check Out This Month, Part 1: Seattle

By Sarah June Fischer on August 7, 2015

Becoming a well-rounded developer includes getting out in the community, meeting other coders, and learning about what’s new in the tech world. Check out these Seattle-based meetup groups for more ways to stay up-to-date on the industry.


8 Tips Before You Hire from a Code School

By Mitch Robertson on August 6, 2015

With the recent rise in code schools and the number of new devs entering today’s tech market, how can you be sure the grad you’re about to hire is the kind of quality you need for your team? Here are 8 tips to make sure you’re hiring the best.


iOS Grad Wins Grand Prize Out of 26 Teams at Sears Hackathon

By Sarah June Fischer on August 1, 2015

What can you build in a weekend? A hackathon-winning mobile app, for starters.


10 Pitfalls That Can Hold You Back From Being Hired

By Dave Parker on July 30, 2015

Interpersonal skills can help—or hurt—your path to landing a job just as much as technical skills. Check yourself for these 10 pitfalls to make sure they won’t stand between you and your dream job.


How to Build and Launch a Web Product

By Will Little on July 9, 2015

Dear aspiring entrepreneur,

While you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into (no one ever does), your crazy ambition is what we love about you.


Why Dropping Out of College was the Best Decision I Ever Made

By Kate Fleming on June 27, 2015

Can Code Fellows really replace a 4-year degree? Read the story of Kate, a Code Fellows graduate who dropped out of college, enrolled in Foundations I, and hasn’t looked back.


Part 4: Networking Beyond Meetups

By Gina Luna on June 25, 2015

The word “networking” stresses me out. It brings to mind strangers wearing self-adhesive nametags while milling around a room with cheap appetizers and forced small talk.

The good news is that that’s only a small part of networking.


Part 5: Negotiating Your Salary 101

By Gina Luna on June 24, 2015

So … negotiating is uncomfortable. And important. And a guaranteed part of your job search.



Part 3: Build Your Online Brand

By Gina Luna on June 24, 2015

When an employer searches for you online, you want them to like what they find. If they don’t, you could be passed over, but if they do, it may result in an interview.


Part 2: Five Ways to Write a Better Cover Letter

By Gina Luna on June 24, 2015

Let’s put an end to “to whom this may concern” cover letters. Good cover letters add personality to your resume, clearly and simply communicate your credentials, and tell the reader what they want to hear.


Part 1: Shy Guy's Guide to Meetups

By Gina Luna on June 24, 2015

Professional development is a large part of what our Development Accelerator students study during their eight weeks on campus. This five-part series is a glimpse into the training they receive to polish their online presence and be successful in their job search.


Meet Dave Parker, the New CEO of Code Fellows

By Sarah June Fischer on June 24, 2015

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Dave Parker, startup veteran and experienced leader, to the helm at Code Fellows! We sat down with Dave to talk about his background, favorite books of the month, and more. Read on to get to know our new CEO!


Mic'd: The Best New Recording App for the iPhone and Apple Watch

By Sarah June Fischer on June 10, 2015

Our students have a natural passion for technology and continue to create awesome projects long after they graduate. Tim and Brian, two iOS developers who graduated in 2014, create a streamlined audio recording app that topped the charts and blew away their expectations. We talk with Tim about how his brainchild came to be.


Early Impressions of WWDC 2015

By Brad Johnson on June 10, 2015

Most of the headlines you’ve seen about WWDC this year—Swift going open source, iPad split screen, Apple Music, and Drake’s super weird moment on stage—have already been covered to death by all of the big tech blogs. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the smaller announcements and new features that will be exciting for people who spend their days inside of Xcode.


Part Five: The 42-Year-Old Coding Virgin

By Gino Bona on June 9, 2015

SEATTLE — The final week of Bootcamp involved the creation of an app.


Part Four: The 42-Year-Old Coding Virgin

By Gino Bona on June 2, 2015

SEATTLE — “Two weeks down, two more to go.”


Part Three: The 42-Year-Old Coding Virgin

By Gino Bona on May 28, 2015

SEATTLE — The second week of Computer Science & Web Development Bootcamp began with some sobering news: A few of my classmates decided to drop out.


Part Two: The 42-Year-Old Coding Virgin

By Gino Bona on May 19, 2015

SEATTLE — It’s 8:52 AM on Monday, May 11. I enter the basement of Code Fellows’ building located in Seattle’s South Lake Union (SLU) neighborhood. Most of my classmates are already seated. I sit down in the back row, giving myself maximum distance from the instructor. This is my first time in a classroom environment in twenty years. And I’m nervous as hell.


How to Land an Awesome Development Job: Community Event for Job Seekers

By Sarah June Fischer on May 16, 2015

Local hiring leaders share the secrets to success in the Seattle tech market.


Alumni Take Python Class Project to New Heights

By Sarah June Fischer on May 15, 2015

Five days. It’s not a lot of time to plan, build, debug, and present a fully-functioning app, but it’s what we ask our Development Accelerators students to do after seven weeks of intense training and practice. We talk with a team of graduates who decided their project wasn’t quite finished, and made plans to make it even better.


Part One: The 42-Year-Old Coding Virgin

By Gino Bona on May 14, 2015

“Hello. My name is Gino Bona. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’m a coding virgin. I graduated from Ithaca College twenty years ago with a degree in Television and Radio, which won’t do me a damn bit of good over the next four weeks. So I have that going for me.”


Introducing the Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship Fund

By Code Fellows on May 12, 2015

Diversity Scholarships are now available for students!


New Starter App Launches React Projects Fast

By Sarah June Fischer on May 7, 2015

React is growing in popularity, with Instagram, Khan Academy, the New York Times and others using the new library released by Facebook. Ivan Storck, web developer and Code Fellows co-founder, created a React starter app—born out of his own team’s needs—to give others a quick way to launch a new project. He shares about the creation of the project and his take on the influence of ReactJS on the JavaScript community.


Teach Your Kids to Code: Engaging Resources to Get Them Started

By Sarah June Fischer on May 2, 2015

First penmanship, then typing, and now programming—this is the evolution of skills that students as young as elementary age are learning alongside math, writing, and science. While programming classes aren’t in every school district yet, more grade schools are incorporating computer science studies, and students are discovering how engaging and creative it can be.


Refresh Seattle is Moving to Code Fellows

By Sarah June Fischer on May 2, 2015

Our Seattle campus is the new home of Refresh Seattle’s monthly meetup!


A New Course Comes to Code Fellows: The Front-End Development Accelerator

By Sarah June Fischer on May 2, 2015

“A user interface is like a joke: if you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”

Good web design and flow is taken for granted, but creating well-structured, clear user interfaces is harder than it sounds. In this era of the app, interactive websites have become the standard. A well-structured app essentially disappears so the user can accomplish their goal without hindrances from the very tool they’re trying to use.

Learn how to create innovative, modern, intuitive websites and apps with our newest Development Accelerator.


Behind the Algorithm: Students Create Apps to Demonstrate Computer Science Concepts

By Sarah June Fischer on March 25, 2015

In Foundations I, students create a website that visualizes an algorithm or a data structure of their choosing.


TechHire Will Change the Game

By Kristin Smith on March 12, 2015

On Monday, President Obama announced the launch of TechHire, an ambitious employment initiative that will bring together government agencies, businesses, and non-profits to provide technology education and training opportunities to all Americans.


15+ Programming Books to Keep on Your Shelf

By Sarah June Fischer on March 11, 2015

Every developer needs a set of go-to resources, whether writing their first lines of code or building on 10+ years of experience. Our instructors are avid readers, and we’ve pulled together a few of their top picks to help you get started, stay current, and advance your skills.


10 Resources and Tools to Dive Deeper Into Programming

By Sarah June Fischer on March 11, 2015

Looking for more advanced coding challenges and resources? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite online tools and resources for developers who need extra challenge as they level up their skills.


See What Foundations I Students Build

By Sarah June Fischer on March 5, 2015

We are continually blown away by the creativity of our Foundations I students. The course was created to help beginners get on the right track from the start of their education—once equipped with the right tools and training, students are able to create so much more than they expected after just four weeks in class. To get a taste of what you will create throughout this night course, take a look at this sample of projects from our students!


Lead a Workshop at Code Fellows

By Sarah June Fischer on March 4, 2015

Come share your knowledge with the world! Code Fellows is hosting free tech talks and workshops at our South Lake Union Seattle campus and in our new downtown Portland space.


[Tutorial] How to Set up a Rails 4.2 Mailer with Sidekiq

By Scott Hale & Javier Soto on February 24, 2015

Sidekiq is a simple, open source background processor for Ruby. This tutorial explains how to set up your app in Rails 4.2 with background jobs from Sidekiq using Redis.


[Tutorial] How to Upload Files Using the AWS SDK Gem

By Andrew Sinner on February 18, 2015

Modern hosting services like Heroku offer only ephemeral storage, meaning you can’t keep files on the server. When users need to upload their own files, you’ll need your Rails app connected with an external file system. This tutorial explains how to upload files to a Rails app using the AWS SDK gem.


Your Web Design Career Will Flourish if You Learn to Code

By Dexter Lesaca on February 14, 2015

To keep up with changing industry trends and stay relevant in the world of web UI development, web designers need to create comps using code.


Why Code Fellows Will Be Going Strong in 50 Years

By Kristin Smith on February 12, 2015

Code schools went mainstream in 2014, and all signs point to a bright future. Here’s why:


Learning Rails: 5 Tips to Become an Exceptional Rails Developer

By Javier Soto on February 11, 2015

A few months ago I was in the same place as you are now, asking myself: What is the best way to learn Rails?


WatchKit Workshop: Start designing apps for the Apple Watch

By Sarah June Fischer on January 22, 2015

iOS Development instructor Brad Johnson is gearing up for his WatchKit Workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 3. He shares why he’s excited about the new Apple Watch and how Apple’s newest product line is influencing the future of wearable tech.


Microsoft Studios' Project Spark leads the way for user-created adventure games

By Sarah June Fischer on January 14, 2015

Have you ever thought about what kind of adventure you would create if you were a game designer? Now you can create your own adventure with Project Spark, a new game development platform by Microsoft Studios. After four years of production and its official release in October 2014, Project Spark is quickly gaining traction as users create their own games and play those created by others. Bradley Rebh, the project’s lead designer, shares how Project Spark came to be, and what’s in store for the future.


Eskimo: The new JavaScript framework for rapid app development

By Brent Parrish on January 8, 2015

On several occasions throughout our Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator, students choose a topic to present to the class in the form of a 5-minute lightning talk. One of these students, Brent Parrish, shared about a new tool from Clevertech for rapidly developing new apps. Read on for Brent’s take on Eskimo.


Instructor Picks: What's Coming in 2015

By Sarah June Fischer on December 31, 2014

As Apple showed us this spring with the release of Swift, the software development industry can and does change fast. We polled our instructors on what they see as the biggest changes looming for the new year. From new gadgets to software updates, watch for these events, updates, and new releases.


Sass Master Dale Sande brings expertise to 4-night class this February

By Sarah June Fischer on December 25, 2014

This February, we’re introducing a new workshop that focuses on Sass, a popular CSS extension language. Experienced front-end developer and Code Fellows instructor Dale Sande shares with us why he is such an advocate for Sass and why he’s excited to lead the workshop.


Clarifying the 5+ roles of a “Front-End Web Developer”

By Will Little on December 23, 2014

Anyone who has looked for a job in this area understands that there is widespread confusion about who does what when it comes to designing user experiences (UX) and building user interfaces (UI) in a web browser.


Simple Sprite Kit Tutorial in Swift, Part 2

By Kevin Pham on December 19, 2014

In the first part of this tutorial, we created the basic scrolling background and flying spaceship. In this part, we are going to add the oncoming missiles that the spaceship can collide with, and the end game screen when the spaceship collides with these missiles.


What You Shouldn't Put on Your Resume

By Gina Luna on December 16, 2014

One page isn’t enough space to highlight your entire professional history. It is usually, however, a good allowance of space for you to list the qualifications that make you an attractive potential hire for a specific position and employer.


Simple Sprite Kit Tutorial in Swift, Part 1

By Kevin Pham on December 16, 2014

In this two-part tutorial, we are going to make a basic 2D game in Swift using Sprite Kit.


Singletons and Swift

By Nate Birkholz on December 16, 2014

Singletons are a widely-used pattern in iOS development. Even Apple uses them in its own APIs, so you know they are legit! Yet despite the official approval from our friends in Cupertino, the singleton pattern is still widely debated on the interwebs. Nate, a recent graduate from our iOS Development Accelerator, does a great job explaining the pattern, its pros and cons, and how to implement a singleton in Swift.

–Brad Johnson, iOS Development Accelerator instructor


Why we added ReactJS to our JavaScript Development Accelerator curriculum

By Ivan Storck on December 13, 2014

The pace of change in the JavaScript community is dizzyingly fast, like experiencing high g-force turns in a fighter jet.


Everything You Need to Start a Modular, Testable, Full-Stack JavaScript Project

By Ivan Storck on December 12, 2014

Whether you’re about start on a coding challenge from a potential employer or have a commitment-free weekend to hack on a new project, here is everything you need to start on a modular, testable JavaScript project on the server and the browser.


Instructor Picks: Gift Ideas for the Developer in Your Life

By Sarah June Fischer on December 11, 2014

With the holidays just around the corner, we asked our instructors what stack-specific gifts they would love to find their name on this year.


JavaScript and iOS Students Team Up to Create 9 Apps in 1 Week

By Sarah June Fischer on December 6, 2014

One week is not a lot of time for a handful of developers to brainstorm, build, test, debug, and present a brand new app, but that’s exactly what we ask our Development Accelerator students to do. Twice.


Top Resources For Learning AngularJS

By Ivan Storck on December 4, 2014

As students focus on learning Angular for front-end web development in our Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator, we have several go-to resources when they need extra help on a specific concept.


Which class is right for you? This question and more answered during online Q&A

By Sarah June Fischer on November 18, 2014

Want to know more about our school, but live outside of Seattle? Viewers from around the world are invited to tune in and ask questions during our monthly online Q&As. This month, participants asked a range of questions, from housing and computer logistics to course content and homework load. Watch the full video below, and join us on Google+ for our next online Q&A.


[Student Project] How to add Sucker Punch to your Rails app in 5 easy steps

By Phil Wilt on November 8, 2014

In this blog post, Ruby on Rails graduate Phil Wilt explains how to set up Sucker Punch, an asynchronous library for more efficient management of incoming and outgoing emails within a Rails application.


The Three Laws Of Interaction Design

By Diogenes Brito on November 6, 2014

We teach our Front-End UX Design & Development students how to create clean and functional user experiences. This guest post outlines three important rules that all UI designers should abide by.

– Dexter Lesaca, Front-End UX Design & Development Instructor


The #1 Interview-Killing Mistake to Avoid

By Edmond Lau on November 6, 2014

Code Fellows develops the whole professional. We don’t just give someone a technical skill set, we also teach them how to highlight those skills when trying to get a job, like during an interview. This guest post identifies and offers a solution to a common interview mistake.

– Gina Luna, Business Development and Partner Relations Specialist


Peer programming: 5 reasons learning in a group beats studying on your own

By Sarah June Fischer on October 30, 2014

Pair programming, a common term used in agile work environments, is the practice of two programmers sharing one workstation. At Code Fellows, we learn in groups, which I like to think of as peer programming, which is two (or more) programmers learning from each other in one unified setting.


14 Online Learning Resources for an Aspiring Web Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on October 30, 2014

Whether this is day one or one thousand of your journey in learning to create web and mobile apps, it can be tough to know which resources are the best to continue your education. At Code Fellows, we have several great resources that we point students to as they explore new technologies and topics. Here are the top resources we share.


Tech Tip: Clean up your code with Lighter View Controllers in Swift

By Bill Richards on October 21, 2014

As your app grows in size and functionality, you might find yourself working with bloated view controllers. Even if you separate all your data sources and delegates with nice clean pragma marks, you still end up with large amounts of code. What if there is an easier way?


Portland Computer Science & Web Development course starts Nov. 3rd

By Sarah June Fischer on October 15, 2014

We are kicking off our Portland classes with an intro to computer science!


The future of WordPress

By Dean Wenick on October 14, 2014

I’ve been working with WordPress for several years and think it provides, hands-down, the most intuitive and clean user experience for my clients—the content creators.


Understanding UX Design & Front-End Development

By Dexter Lesaca on October 1, 2014

“What exactly is UX?” I get this question a lot. It is a prevailing question that eludes many, including UX designers themselves. Let’s try to clear up some of the vagueness around UX, shall we?


Is AutoPrefixer not working in Sublime Text 3?

By Chris Eisenbraun on September 27, 2014

Try this one weird trick.


How to create a Markdown-friendly blog in a Rails app

By Kayla Morrison on September 25, 2014

When making my new portfolio, I wanted to include a simple blog. My requirements were that I be able to 1) write my posts in Markdown and 2) put the three most recent posts on the home page. Simple, right? Nope. This took me forever to figure out.


Record your favorite drinks with Cocktail Manager

By Sarah June Fischer on September 18, 2014

After spending eight weeks upgrading their skill set, many of our graduates test out new technologies and add to their experience by creating apps that have been in the back of their mind for a while.


3 things iOS devs should focus on with the release of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch

By Brad Johnson on September 18, 2014

There has never been a more exciting time to be an iOS developer.


Git and GitHub: what's the difference?

By Dale Corns on September 12, 2014

Working as a TA at Code Fellows, I discovered a common misconception: students who are new to web development assume that Git and GitHub are one in the same. I published this document to correct this misunderstanding.


Google Places API and Swift

By Kirby Shabaga on September 10, 2014


Implementing a Singly Linked List in Python

By John Shiver on September 10, 2014

One of the hardest parts about becoming a web developer without a CS degree (aside from the obvious bits) is learning data structures and algorithms on your own.


Core Data and Database Browser for SQLite

By Kirby Shabaga on September 6, 2014

OK, so you’ve started to work with Core Data and the persistent store coordinator. It’s cool, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could view the contents of your SQLite database outside of the simulator?

In a few short minutes, you can!


Life after Code Fellows: Diana Pham and the creation of DinoHulk

By Diana Pham on August 26, 2014

Editor’s Note: In this article, Code Fellows graduate Diana Pham tells about life before, during, and after graduation. A year after completing the women-only Ruby on Rails course, she shares how she arrived where she is today: helping others learn and love to code.


Networking in Seattle's tech community

By Matt Wojciakowski on August 23, 2014

Part I of a professional networking series on Meetup groups in Seattle.


"Take the leap!" Ruby on Rails graduate reflects on his year after graduation

By Sarah June Fischer on August 23, 2014

Bill Richards, software developer at F2M2, shared about his experience at Code Fellows, the exciting projects that he’s working on, and advice for students who want to learn to code.


Code Fellows graduate creates app to aid Trap Neuter and Return community

By Sarah June Fischer on August 23, 2014

Whether they join the development team at an established company or start projects and companies of their own, our students hit the ground running after graduation. Ewelina Kieley, a Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator graduate, recently finished an app that helps the Trap Neuter and Return (TNR) community track cat colonies.


5 tips when applying to Code Fellows

By Lindy Merida Levinson on August 15, 2014

Here are are five things that will help you be a successful applicant to our program:


How to know if you're ready for a Development Accelerator

By Lindy Merida Levinson on August 15, 2014

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Code Fellows is, “How do I know if I am ready for a Development Accelerator?”


10 things you need to know before applying to a code school

By Lindy Merida Levinson on August 15, 2014

This immersive style of learning is not for the faint hearted. Here are 10 things to consider before submitting your application.


Five Lessons I Learned from Teaching

By Ryan Sobol on August 14, 2014

Ryan Sobol, experienced (and well-travelled) software developer, shared his initial thoughts after he guest lectured at Code Fellows last September. Since then, Ryan has taught our Foundations II: Ruby course and is assisting with the inaugural Computer Science & Web Development Bootcamp. Read on for his thoughts on the first time teaching at Code Fellows.


Code Fellows is Coming to Chicago

By Nick Moran on August 14, 2014

The Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator starts full time on May 11.


iOS students get hands-on resume help during Friday workshop

By Sarah June Fischer on August 8, 2014

Every Friday, development accelerator students break away from their class schedule to hear from industry leaders or attend workshops. Today, iOS development students concluded their third week with an introduction to resumes from Gina Luna, Business Development and Partner Relations Specialist at Code Fellows.


Open House: Join us every 3rd Thursday

By Sarah June Fischer on August 5, 2014

Every month, we open our doors to the public to come enjoy a beer as they check out our classrooms and and ask questions about our programs. Instructors, staff, and graduates are there to talk with guests and answer questions.


New workspace welcomes students for their first day [photos]

By Sarah June Fischer on August 5, 2014

This morning, we kicked off our inaugural Computer Science & Web Development Bootcamp, as well as the fourth Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator.


The Ultimate List of UX Design and Development Resources

By Brian Studwell on July 30, 2014

Before, during, and after my time at Code Fellows, I kept a detailed list of my favorite books, infographics, websites, and articles.


The secret to finding a job: Crafting an enticing pitch

By Matt Wojciakowski on July 29, 2014

Nailing a tech job interview is about more than whiteboarding. You need to have a good pitch. Incorporate these essential ingredients in your 30-second pitch to make a great first impression and land a job interview.


How I Stay Up to Date on JavaScript

By Ivan Storck on July 23, 2014

Part of what we teach students in our development accelerators is how to keep up with changes and news in the stack that they’ve chosen to study. Here are the sources that I give my students to stay up to speed on all things JavaScript:


Life after Code Fellows: Landing your first job

By Sarah June Fischer on July 22, 2014

Every Friday, guest speakers share their insight and advice with development accelerator students. In Week 7, we welcome back a panel of alumni who share their first-hand experience of what it’s like to go from studying a chosen stack at Code Fellows to applying for professional programming jobs. Here are some of the tips that a recent alumni panel shared.


Biggest Day-to-Day Changes from Obj-C to Swift (Part 2)

By Steven Stevenson on July 19, 2014

Alright, you’ve seen Swift a little bit here and there. You’ve seen some cool block syntax—now let’s try to bring the main parts together so that we can start building objects and classes.


10 reasons why I like Slack and think you should try it

By Ivan Storck on July 17, 2014

At Code Fellows, we’ve cut down on our internal email by taking advantage of a tool called Slack. Here are several reasons why I like it (and think you will, too).


Student project harnesses brain power to fly AR Drone

By Sarah June Fischer on July 12, 2014

Before graduating from their Development Accelerator, students complete and present a final project. Robert, a JavaScript student, brought in an idea that involved an AR Drone 2.0, Mindflex Duel headsets, and an Internet connection. He teamed up with two other students and a TA to get his project—quite literally—off the ground.


Code Fellows is hiring instructors for local teams across the USA

By Will Little on July 11, 2014

Are you an experienced web/mobile developer with a passion for teaching? If so, we’d love to talk to you.


Angular, Part 3: 10+ Resources

By Tyler Morgan on July 8, 2014

There are a lot of great resources to help you stay informed on Angular. Here are my favorites to get your resource library started.


Angular, Part 2: Getting started with Angular

By Tyler Morgan on July 8, 2014

In Angular, Part 1, I shared why Angular is my go-to front-end development framework. Now here’s how to get started.


Angular, Part 1: Why choose Angular?

By Tyler Morgan on July 4, 2014

Angular has a lot of advantages over other client-side Javascript frameworks. Here are a handful of reasons why, when building an app, I turn to Angular first.


When it comes to learning design and code, two local 6th-graders say, “Do it!”

By Sarah June Fischer on July 2, 2014

Semira and Fiona, middle school students and recent Startup Weekend participants, have big plans for helping other kids develop a passion for programming.


Ember, Part 1: Why I use Ember and you should too

By Ivan Storck on June 28, 2014

Here are some of the reasons why I prefer Ember as a front-end development framework.


Ember, Part 3: 10 resources for getting (and staying) up to date

By Ivan Storck on June 28, 2014

Stay on top of changes in Ember with these resources.


Code Fellows is coming to a city near you!

By Kristin Smith on June 26, 2014


Size classes with Xcode 6: One storyboard for all sizes

By Brad Johnson on June 23, 2014

My favorite feature of Xcode 6 so far is the new size classes concept in Interface Builder. Size classes are Apple’s solution to the question “How can I easily work with so many different screen sizes and device orientations?”


Writing completion blocks with closures in Swift

By Brad Johnson on June 23, 2014

I never fully understood blocks until I learned how to write a method that took a block in as a parameter.


Heuristics and Design

By Brian Studwell on June 23, 2014

We use heuristics. We find patterns.


How to implement an NSNotification observer in Swift

By John Clem on June 23, 2014

As I sat down to write some code this week, I stopped for a moment to think about a more “Swift” way of applying an NSNotification observer; here’s what I came up with:


Biggest Day-to-Day Changes from Obj-C to Swift (Part 1)

By Steven Stevenson on June 23, 2014

Since Apple released Swift, its new programming language, developers around the world have been jumping in and seeing what is different. Yes, there are quite a few differences, such as Optionals, Generics, Extensions, Mutators, and even custom Operators (the list goes on). But for the everyday Objective-C programmer, they have to know what to do to get Swift up and running.


The Basics of Optionals in Swift

By Brad Johnson on June 23, 2014

Optionals allow variables to not have a value. This is similar to having a variable set to nil in Objective-C. The biggest difference is the amount of safety Swift has baked into the creation and management of optional variables.


3 Tips for Effectively Learning Swift

By John Clem on June 23, 2014

As I sat in the SFO airport waiting for my flight home to Seattle from WWDC, I started to come up for air after what was the biggest series of changes for iOS/Mac developers since I started learning Cocoa.


How to host a NodeJS app on an EC2 Ubuntu Server

By Ivan Storck on June 23, 2014

This post takes you through the process of setting up your first server on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Ubuntu Server.


Ember, Part 2: Getting started

By Ivan Storck on June 23, 2014

Here is the quickest way to get started with Ember.


How to install View in Browser plugin in Sublime Text

By Brian Studwell on June 18, 2014

I started writing code in Brackets, the open-source text editor developed in partnership with Adobe. I still think it’s great, but for the sake of being on the same page with my cohort at Code Fellows, I snagged Sublime Text Editor, a perennial favorite of many devs.


What are Package Management Systems?

By Brian Studwell on June 18, 2014

Hint: Not banana hammocks. Read on for an explanation and helpful analogy of package management systems in software development.


Develop faster in Rails with Zeus

By Billy Shih on June 18, 2014

Waiting is my least favorite part of developing. In Rails, every time you run a test or a rake command, even if it’s just a few seconds, it’s seconds that stop your flow.


Swift two-day intensive course starts June 28

By Sarah June Fischer on June 17, 2014

Get hands-on Swift experience in a group learning environment with other seasoned iOS developers during our two-day course lead by iOS Development instructor John Clem.


Why Libsass is important to the community

By Dale Sande on June 16, 2014

Life is ever changing, right? Everything around us is always in a constant state of change. Either you learn early to be flexible with these winds, or you resist them.


Using Custom Initializers in Swift

By John Clem on June 13, 2014

Custom initializers have always been a staple of Cocoa. Here’s how to use them in Swift.


How to create a tiled image across multiple image views in Objective-C

By Steven Stevenson on June 12, 2014

A short demo on how to create a tiled image across multiple image views and how to interact with it in a game-like setting.


Speed Alley: The fastest way to copy an array

By Matt Merkes on June 12, 2014

Ever wonder the fastest way to copy an array? Let’s find out!


Learn the basics of Sass and Compass

By Billy Shih on June 11, 2014

During my time studying Ruby on Rails at Code Fellows, we had to do a lightning talk on a topic of our choice. Since Rails utilizes Sass, and my CSS skills have always been more of a learn-on-demand thing rather than a deep dive, I decided to check Sass out. While doing so, Compass came up often, so I added a little bit of it to my presentation.


First Hackathon: What Went Well and What Didn't

By Billy Shih on June 11, 2014

Billy Shih, a graduate of our Ruby on Rails program, shared a recap of one of his first hackathons and some advice for making the most of your hackathon experience.


Favorite student resources for staying up to date [stack-specific]

By Sarah June Fischer on June 7, 2014

As students go through their development accelerator, they gravitate towards certain websites and resources to stay informed on news and find tips for mastering their programming language. Below are the favorite websites from students in each development accelerator.


How I stay up to date on Rails

By Ivan Storck on June 6, 2014

Find the top books, videos, newsletters, and other resources to stay up on all news for Ruby and Rails.


Take your Sass skills to the next level with list-maps

By Dale Sande on June 4, 2014

Sass 3.3 is out and you should start using Maps.


Sudoku Solver from Scratch in JavaScript (TDD Style): A Tutorial

By Matt Merkes on June 4, 2014

As a JS noob, it can be tough to come up with ideas to practice your skills.


Code Fellows switches from Objective-C to Swift for all iOS courses

By Sarah June Fischer on June 3, 2014

Apple just announced the transition from Objective-C to Swift, the new programming language for OS X and iOS applications.


Python Development Accelerator Kick-Off

By Sarah June Fischer on June 3, 2014

Students assembled in the Easy classroom for Day 1 of their 8-week program.


UITableViewCell Editing and Sorting

By Steven Stevenson on May 31, 2014

Ever wanted to see your table view animate a little as you scroll? Or how about changing the order with UITableView’s built-in editing methods?


Hive 2014

By Sarah June Fischer on May 31, 2014

Register today for Hive 2014, a design and technology conference held at Seattle’s Town Hall on June 20th & 21st.


Women-Only Ruby on Rails Development Accelerator

By Sarah June Fischer on May 30, 2014

We’re offering a development accelerator exclusively for women who want to advance their careers as Ruby on Rails web developers.


Morse Torch App Final!

By Steven Stevenson on May 23, 2014

Here it is: The Morse Application in action!


Example Blog Layout and Tutorial

By Ivan Storck on May 23, 2014

Starting a blog to share your new coding knowledge with the world? Use this tutorial to get started.


Trello: An open source tool for the Kanban system of process organization

By Brian Studwell on May 22, 2014

As development accelerator students dive into group projects, they each develop their own system for staying organized. Brian, a current Front-End UX Design & Development student, shared his team’s favorite tool for keeping track of everything.


Useful Links for Front-End Web Development

By Max Brockman on May 22, 2014

I’ve been in Code Fellows’ Front-End UX Design & Development Accelerator for a couple weeks now, and some of the most useful info I’ve learned is a vast library of really great websites that talk about web design.


Sublime Text: Applying Code Snippets

By Brian Studwell on May 21, 2014

One of the guiding principles of programming is the idea that we should use technology to make our lives easier. Make the machines do the grunt work! In that vein, let’s tangle with code snippets.


How to make a Morse Torch app (Part 3)

By Steven Stevenson on May 21, 2014

Part 3 of a 3-part series on how to build a morse code app with the iPhone flashlight.


How to make a Morse Torch app (Part 2)

By Steven Stevenson on May 17, 2014

Part 2 of a 3-part series on creating a Morse code app with Torch, the flashlight on the iPhone.


How to Set Up Your Computer for Full-Stack JavaScript Development

By Ivan Storck on May 16, 2014

On day 1 of our Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator, students set up their computers with the programs they will need for the next 8 weeks and beyond. If you are curious about our offerings, or are just getting started in web development, take a look at the programs and tools we use.


How to make a Morse Torch app

By Steven Stevenson on May 14, 2014

Have you ever wanted to make a Morse code app? Here’s the beginning of a 3-part blog post on how to use NSOperations and AVFoundation’s Torch (iPhone’s flashlight).


Hosting a website on a free AWS EC2 instance: Not for the faint-hearted

By Matt Merkes on May 14, 2014

Have you ever tried to get your website going on a free AWS EC2 instance and failed to get it running? I sure did.


Build Your Future with the Right Foundation

By Sarah June Fischer on May 14, 2014

Foundations I starts next month, so reserve your spot for this 4-week night course.


A quick list of things to make Sublime awesome

By Dale Sande on May 10, 2014

There are a lot of great articles out there on how to set up Sublime Text and all the reasons behind those choices. This is NOT one of those. :) Here is a quick list of things that are really popular with Sublime users.


What is a callback, anyway?

By Matt Merkes on May 10, 2014

Back in my early days of noobhood, I started taking a look at Node.js and quickly got overwhelmed with all of these strange things called callbacks.


How to set up Rails on Heroku and Dokku

By Steven Stevenson on May 10, 2014

Steven Stevenson, a graduate of our iOS Development 8-week program, shared some tips on setting up Rails on Heroku and Dokku.


Hack to End Homelessness

By Sarah June Fischer on May 6, 2014

We encourage students to attend networking events, sign up for workshops, and participate in Hackathons, especially after they’ve graduated.


How to Set Up Your First Minispec Project from Scratch

By Ivan Storck on May 6, 2014

Get a simple ruby project going, the right way.


Spring Dev Accelerators Kick Off Day

By Sarah June Fischer on May 6, 2014

Three Development Accelerators launched at Code Fellows headquarters this morning, welcoming students into Full-Stack JavaScript, Front-End UX Design & Development, and Ruby on Rails programs.


Front-End Design & Development Graduation Day

By Sarah June Fischer on May 3, 2014

Students from our first program focusing on front-end UX design and development graduated after an intense 8 weeks.


iOS Development Project Week: Student Mobile Apps

By Sarah June Fischer on May 2, 2014

It’s the day 4 of the first project week for our iOS Development students, and they’re well under way on their projects. At halfway through the intense 8-week program, they’re already creating complex mobile apps. Here’s a glimpse at some of the amazing projects that are coming out of one very busy week.


Beginning iOS Development: Books, Stack Overflow and GitHub

By Billy Shih on May 1, 2014

While learning how to create my first app, I realized that not only do I need to learn how to code, but I’m an outsider to resources that developers love and use everyday.


Becoming a Web Dev: Follow Up on Code Fellows

By Billy Shih on May 1, 2014

Billy Shih, a graduate of our second Ruby on Rails 8-week program, shared about his time at Code Fellows and the job search afterwards.


Trees as graphs vs. Trees as data structures

By Dr. Ben Keller on May 1, 2014

Helping students prepare to get a job is a really important part of what Code Fellows does.

Part of this is acing the technical interview, so we spend a lot of time practicing white-boarding with algorithmic problems that our students can be confident when faced with similar questions.


Stretch your programming skills: 4 languages you should learn this year

By Dr. Ben Keller on May 1, 2014


POLL: Where Should Code Fellows Expand to Next?

By Sarah June Fischer on April 25, 2014

Do you wish Code Fellows was closer to your city?


Come party with us on Cinco de Mayo!

By Sarah June Fischer on April 23, 2014

We have exciting news to share that’s worth celebrating! Join us at World Sports Grille, 6-10pm on May 5, 2014 for a Cinco de Mayo party.


Closures: The 'ringers' of JavaScript

By Matt Merkes on April 17, 2014

How do closures work? This post helps the JavaScript noob understand closures a little better.


Python and JavaScript Boot Camps Graduate

By Sarah June Fischer on April 11, 2014

Over 25 students graduated this past week from Python and JavaScript boot camps.


All 2014 classes and bootcamps now on Calendar

By Sarah June Fischer on April 10, 2014

Plan your schedule early and sign up for a 2014 bootcamp or Foundations class.


Internet of Things Idea Lab

By Sarah June Fischer on April 9, 2014

Join us for this free workshop hosted by architectural design firm NBBJ to discuss new ways technology can transform where and how we live.


iBeacon outside retail: 5 fields where Bluetooth Beacons can be game changers

By Wojtek Borowicz on April 4, 2014

There’s currently a lot of talk in the tech world about iBeacon and Bluetooth beacons. However, about 80 percent of the conversation focuses on retail and shopping. Everything seems to revolve around coupons, digital loyalty programs, and mobile payments.


5 tactics that sabotage your job search

By Sarah June Fischer on April 4, 2014

Neck-deep in job applications? Avoid these methods that hinder your success and push you further from your dream career.


Maximize for Mobile: Building a Responsive Site

By Elliot Chong on April 3, 2014

28% of website traffic comes from mobile. Are you prepared?


How to use your iOS camera to interpret Morse Code

By Steven Stevenson on April 1, 2014

Let’s talk about some math…


5 ways to avoid being a terrible new hire

By Sarah June Fischer on March 29, 2014

Shamoon Siddiqui, president at, has noticed a trend in developers, and he wants to put an end to it.


Mithril.js: A new JavaScript MVC framework

By Sarah June Fischer on March 26, 2014

This small-but-powerful framework is easy to learn and simple to use.


Bootcamp alumni win People's Choice Award at local hackathon

By Sarah June Fischer on March 25, 2014

Recent Code Fellow graduates Ramin Sedighi and Andre Smith, in a group of seven developers, created and launched a database and app that helps shelters access information about the people they serve.


Changing your life starts with the first step

By Sarah June Fischer on March 20, 2014

You’re ready to start exploring the world of software engineering. We’re ready to help.


Join us for a Hands-On iBeacon Workshop

By Sarah June Fischer on March 19, 2014

Explore the technology and potential for the Apple iBeacon in our upcoming workshop on March 26th.


South Lake Union: Seattle's Tech Hub

By Sarah June Fischer on March 15, 2014

Code Fellows is located in the heart of Seattle’s tech center. Here is a glimpse of the neighborhood that houses major companies including Amazon, PATH, University of Washington Medicine, and more.


Job Interviews: What (not) to do

By Sarah June Fischer on March 14, 2014

Congratulations, you’ve landed an interview! Here’s how to make sure you don’t blow it.


Now is the time to sign up for Foundations II

By Sarah June Fischer on March 13, 2014

Know your development stack. Whether it’s Front-End Development, iOS, Ruby on Rails, Python, or JavaScript, we want to give you the training you need to excel in boot camp.


A List of Foundational JavaScript Tools

By Kalina Wu, Ivan Storck, and Sarah Fischer on March 12, 2014

In our development accelerators, students are introduced to several tools and libraries to expand the abilities of their code. Kalina, one of our current JavaScript students, compiled a list of these tools and wanted to share it with other Code Fellows.


Bootcamp students celebrate Code Fellows graduation

By Sarah June Fischer on March 8, 2014

Thirty-one Code Fellows graduated from iOS and Ruby on Rails bootcamps today after presenting their final group projects from this past week.


Guest speakers from Zulily talk with students

By Sarah June Fischer on March 7, 2014

Every week, Code Fellows invites speakers to talk with students about the tech industry and what they should know before entering the workforce.


Teach Your Kids to Code with Flappy Bird

By Mike Anderson on March 5, 2014

The prospect of learning to code can be intimidating for people who have no previous experience and no idea where to start. At Code Fellows, we believe that everyone can develop if given the opportunity.


100 students learning the foundations of Computer Science

By Sarah June Fischer on March 5, 2014

The inaugural Foundations I class held at the Seattle Public Library welcomed over 100 eager students.


Leap Motion comes to Code Fellows

By Sarah June Fischer on March 4, 2014

During their time at Code Fellows, students are trained to constantly watch for emerging technology. One way we encourage students to explore new gadgets is by hosting workshops.


Foundations I Location Announcement

By Mike Anderson on March 1, 2014

We’re excited to launch our first Foundations I course this Monday, March 3rd, 2014!


5 Qualities Google Looks for in New Hires

By Mike Anderson on March 1, 2014

Want a job at Google or another major tech company? Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of People Operations at Google, shares five traits that every developer should have.


How to Succeed in a Development Accelerator

By Sarah June Fischer on February 26, 2014

Last Friday, Code Fellows graduate Alec Matias spoke with our JavaScript class on his experience in the very first Ruby on Rails intensive course that Code Fellows held in early 2013.


Introducing Pint, the new build system for Grunt.js

By Ivan Storck on February 19, 2014

Organize your build into small, testable pieces with Pint, a new dependancy-aware wrapper for Grunt.js. This interview with Pint creator Eric Baer describes why he developed Pint and how it’s relevant for JavaScript developers.


Bower all the things

By Dale Sande on February 11, 2014

Having spent the vast majority of my career in the front end space, there has always been a thirst for better processes and management of resources.


Big Announcement: Foundations Courses Starting Soon

By Code Fellows on February 5, 2014


The Power of Code: iOS Bootcamp builds Morse Code App

By Chris Meehan on February 4, 2014

The iOS Bootcamp designed and built an app that sends and receives Morse Code messages using the flash and camera on iOS devices.


Rapid Growth Visualized: The History of Node.js via Git Commits

By Ivan Storck on January 30, 2014

Node.js usage has been expanding rapidly. I took a look at the growth of the Node.js project through the lens of a few Git Visualization tools.


5 Reasons why Python is Powerful Enough for Google

By Cris Ewing on January 28, 2014

You’re getting ready to start a new company. What language should you choose to build it?


Get better quality images and stop thinking like a print designer

By Code Fellows on January 25, 2014

I admit it, I have a print background. As much as I try to leave that all in the past, it always creeps up and bites me in the ass.


Bash for Fun & Profit

By Cris Ewing on January 24, 2014

A few enhancements can improve your experience working in a shell.


The Game of Life: Week 2 of iOS Bootcamp

By Mike Anderson on January 24, 2014


Quick intro to Gulp.js

By Jake Chapman on January 23, 2014

Has the time already come for me to hang up the old and put on the new? Let’s dig into what Gulp.js is and why I’m considering switching from Grunt.js.


How to get a Python IDE without the weight

By Cris Ewing on January 23, 2014

Want to set up Sublime for optimal Python development?


Create a Node.js project from scratch with Node-Sass

By Dale Sande on January 23, 2014

Not sure if you are in the same boat as I, but I could not find any good resource out there that pulled this all together. So here is a step-by-step tutorial for creating a Node.js app from scratch, adding in Grunt and then Node-Sass. Yeah, try and find good docs on Node-Sass alone. :(


Excited about our JavaScript Bootcamp

By Ivan Storck on January 22, 2014


Domain Experts Wanted—Python Bootcamp

By Cris Ewing on January 10, 2014

Learn Python web development and share your passions with the world.


How designers can survive the future

By Dale Sande on January 6, 2014

Today’s interactive web application designers are not being ‘asked’ to be more involved in the coding process, but it is being demanded of them.


Collecting data on paths toward software development careers

By Will Little on January 2, 2014

The recent controversy surrounding the timelines that women start “hacking” highlights an important problem with the software development community.


What is UX Engineering?

By Dale Sande on December 24, 2013

UI Ninja and Unicorn are names that have been bestowed upon us by a fledgling industry still trying to crawl out of the primordial ooze that is Web App Development.


Your opportunity to level up your UX Engineering skills

By Dale Sande on December 24, 2013

Jan. 16th, 7pm, come spend an evening with Dale Sande to discuss the new emerging roles in UX Design


3 Battle-Tested Ways to Install PostgreSQL

By Ivan Storck on December 21, 2013

Having run over 100 students through my Ruby on Rails courses, I’ve come up with some straight forward ways to install PostgreSQL without too much pain. Here is how I do it:


Your iPhone logs where you are and when you're there

By Mike Anderson on December 18, 2013

You were outraged that the NSA was tracking you—but, did you know that your iPhone keeps a map of where you’ve been and a log of how long you were there? It’s on by default and buried deep within your preferences.


Less painful cross-platform mobile development

By John Clem on December 16, 2013

Since the early days of native apps for mobile platforms, there have been numerous attempts to create a “Write Once, Run Everywhere” framework for mobile development.


5 Ways to Manage Front-End Assets in Rails

By Ivan Storck on December 13, 2013

Ready to have the latest and greatest HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 components like Angular and Ember in your Ruby on Rails application?


Finally, a pretty replacement for RI—Omniref

By Brook Riggio on December 6, 2013

Ruby and Rails both have pretty great documentation. This is important for developers of all levels, but absolutely essential for those just getting started with the Ruby language and the Rails framework.


iOS Apps by Code Fellows

By Mike Anderson on December 6, 2013

The iOS Bootcamp students are doing amazing work. Apple has featured each one of the student’s apps somewhere in the App Store. check it out …


This is Why Learning Rails is Hard

By Brook Riggio on December 5, 2013

It’s in the name. Rails depends on Ruby. But anyone learning Rails would tell you it depends on a lot more.


Top 5 podcasts for iOS developers

By John Clem on December 3, 2013

Podcasts are a great tool for developers to keep learning and stay up to date on the latest in iOS development. Here’s my top 5 …


Simple iOS Sprite Kit Game Tutorial

By Megha Gulati on November 23, 2013

In this tutorial we are going to make a basic 2D game with Sprite Kit.


You’re Invited: Code Fellows Open House

By Mike Anderson on November 20, 2013

Interested in learning about how you can fast track your software development career? How about we throw in some free drinks to sweeten the deal?


7 Ways Beginners can Learn Ruby on Rails

By Brook Riggio on November 19, 2013

Since everyone has different learning styles, there’s no single right way to learn a coding language. However, there are some basic principles that beginners can apply to get a jump start, and tailor the resources to their learning style along the way.


Rake Tasks Cheat Sheet for Ruby on Rails

By Brook Riggio on November 13, 2013

Rake is a super helpful tool that becomes a good friend for most Ruby developers …


How to Accelerate Your Learning with Stacked Modules

By Danny Sperry on November 8, 2013

Learning fast or learning slow: how to increase your productivity and proficiency.


Write web pages in one language instead of three

By Ivan Storck on November 8, 2013

The typical work-flow of editing three separate files is clunky – three files, in three separate syntaxes: HTML /CSS / and JavaScript.


The 10 Best JavaScript Libraries for Form Validation and Formatting

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Formatting and presenting data entry forms on websites is a challenge for developers, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite JavaScript libraries for forms, input formatting, and validation.


Tomorrow's Ember 1.0 Release: 5 Things Every Dev Needs to Know

By Jeff Horn on November 8, 2013

The newest version of Ember.js is set up to launch tomorrow (8/30/13). Here are some of the things you need to know.


Everything a Competent iOS Developer Needs to Know [Graphic]

By Brook Riggio and John Bender on November 8, 2013

How much do you need to know to be great?


5 reasons iOS7 marks the best time to get started in app development

By John Clem on November 8, 2013

The imminent release of Apple’s new mobile operating system means that now is the time to get started developing apps. Here are 5 reasons it’s a good time to get started.


Do I need programming experience to be accepted into a Code Fellows bootcamp?

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

This is by far the most common question we hear from bootcamp applicants. The short answer is “yes” – our evening classes and workshops are better suited for absolute beginners – but, interestingly, we are seeing a steady stream of two different kinds of programmers make it into bootcamps and successfully land jobs afterwards.


You can learn to develop iPhone and iPad apps

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

The iOS bootcamp is fast approaching. Regardless of your level of experience, you should consider learning to develop in Objective-C.


4 Tips to prepare a great interview for a new developer position

By Mike Anderson on November 8, 2013

Want to know what hiring managers are looking for when you go into an interview? We did too.


Are You a Transformer?

By Maris McEdward on November 8, 2013

A lot of the conversations the Code Fellows team have with prospective students focus on the value Code Fellows provides to our students. And rightly so. There are a lot of choices out there and there are only so many resources and so much time.


It's all in the family: the power of network effects

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

It’s sometimes quipped that it’s not what you know but who you know that counts. And while at Code Fellows we don’t fully agree with this (we are an organization that teaches coding, after all!) we do believe strongly in the power of great networks.


Landing a Software Development Job

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Mike Saffitz, CTO of Apptentive, a Seattle-based tech startup and TechStars Seattle 2012 company, gave a talk last Friday to the current Code Fellows class.


Want to know the best way to learn Ruby on Rails?

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

We’ve got the answer here!


Importance of Computer Science to Software Engineers Doing Web Development

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Not everyone finds themselves diving into web development with a computer science background. So if it seems like a viable career path, the burning question must be:


Women in Technology Announces Scholarship Fund for Code Fellows Women-Only Class

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

We are incredibly excited to announce to our community that Women in Technology (WiT), working in conjunction with contributing Seattle-area companies, has put together a scholarship fund for participants in our summer 2013 women-only bootcamp!


Hey Ladies, Thinking of Applying to Code Fellows? Do It!

By Maris McEdward on November 8, 2013


From Musician to Software Developer - Career Transition with Code Fellows' Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

By Mei Lu, Founder and CEO, on November 8, 2013

Career Transition with CodeFellows’ Ruby on Rails Boot Camp


Code Fellows Student Project: Fun With Stripe by Jeffrey Horn

By Jeffrey Horn on November 8, 2013

Jeffrey, a current Code Fellow, built an awesome app to handle all Code Fellows student payments


Beyond The Code: Career Development At Code Fellows

By Maris McEdward on November 8, 2013

Career Development at Code Fellows


Thinking of applying to CodeFellows? Read this!

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013


Another amazing turnout at Seattle Tech Meetup!

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Another great turnout at this month’s Seattle Tech Meetup! Last I checked, there were over 600 RSVPs! The room was packed with passionate technologists networking, eating, and drinking delicious summer ales.


We're launching a women-only Ruby on Rails class this summer!

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Twenty-five years ago, 42% of software developers were women[1]. Today,that number is around 26%. We are trying to do our part to bring balance to the industry.


6 Reasons Why YOU should be a Code Fellow!

By Alec Matias on November 8, 2013

Code Fellows alum Alec Matias reflects on his experience as a student


Are you hiring web developers?

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

We can help


A Student Perspective on Code Fellows' First Bootcamp

By Alpha Ng on November 8, 2013

Code Fellows alum Alpha Ng writes: I have recently completed a 4-week technical bootcamp in Seattle called Code Fellows.


We've made some changes to our bootcamp structure

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

We learned a lot from this first class, and received a lot of great feedback. So we want to make a few changes for the next class, starting in May. Read below for details on future boot camps and class schedules.


Great finish to our inaugural Code Fellows class!

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

In a word, our first Code Fellows class was – amazing. The students were heads down working hard for the past month – learning and having fun!


Get Awesome! Our Job Event Sponsors

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

On January 16, Code Fellows is hosting “Get an Awesome Job.” We’re bringing together 10 great Seattle startups hiring engineers.


Awesome Job Event Preview

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Tomorrow, Jan. 16, we’re hosting “How To Get An Awesome Job” in South Lake Union (find out more). I can’t believe that not only do we have 125 people coming, we have a wait-list of 30 people.



By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Zillow is a participant in Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring!



By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013


Simply Measured

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Simply Measured is a sponsor of Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring!



By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Moz is a sponsor of Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring!



By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

MobileDevHQ is a participant in Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring! Event information.



By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Apptentive is a participant in Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring! Event information.



By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

BigDoor is a sponsor of Code Fellows’ job event on Jan. 16, 2013. They’re hiring! Event information.


The Beginning of Code Fellows

By Andy Sack on November 8, 2013

In September of 2012, I was having coffee with Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow. We were having a casual conversation about the vibrancy of the Seattle technology scene—it’s strengths and limitations.