6 Tips to Stack Your Job Search with Confidence

In order to take a leap to find a rewarding new career in tech it will take grit and determination, confidence, support, and a strong support team. In your quest to become a professional in tech, leveling up your skills while stacking your job applications can lead to multiple offers and higher pay.

Even after you’ve earned a phone screen, second-round interview, or technical evaluation, experts advise that it is important to keep your focus on applying to as many opportunities that fit your goals as possible.

Simultaneously searching, applying, and interviewing for new careers will yield better results at the end of your job hunt and seed future opportunities. Think of every meeting as another connection in your network.

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Use the following tips to stack your job search with confidence:

  • Create a cover letter that stands out for every position you apply for. Start with targeting the top 10 companies you want to work for, then put some heart and soul into customized cover letters.

  • Create a unique resume for every opportunity. Pull directly from job descriptions to personalize each resume you send out, and keep it specific and concise. Focus on the specific role and remember that hiring managers are looking for specialized talent, not generalists.

  • Never apply for multiple positions at the same company, at the same time. Particularly in smaller organizations. This will leave the hiring manager with a concern that you don’t truly know what you want. It will make you look desperate and leave doubt that you’re a particularly great hire for any one position. Instead, apply once and wait to get word back; then, apply again for a later, different position.

  • Stay organized in your job search to ensure that every networking conversation gets a follow-up and that no relevant job posting goes unnoticed. By using a simple spreadsheet or other digital tools, you can stay organized, up-to-date, and proactive.

  • Use social networks to boost your networking power. Use LinkedIn to start following and connecting with hiring managers, leaders, and companies in your industry. But, be sure to have your LinkedIn profile ready before you do, as oftentimes this is the first impression they will have of you.

  • Get out and network! Find local events and meetups to connect with companies in your area and ask for informational interviews or a chance to meet up over coffee with people working at companies you want to join (side note: since you’re asking them to take time out of their day to talk to you, spot them their coffee). Be sure to use it as an opportunity to build a new relationship, learn what it takes to break in, and get advice. However, don’t ask for intros, references, etc. There is no “Easy Button” for building a relationship, it takes time, but if you do it right, it will pay off in the end. Getting out and meeting people is a key way to build relationships both now when you need them to find a job and in the future when you’re looking to advance your career.

To further your confidence and grit when applying for jobs, Code Fellows’ Career Transition Services will provide you the training and professional development you need to get started, where you’ll develop effective resumes, create professional social profiles, and learn the best practices for interviewing and building your personal brand.

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