A Letter To Seattle's Laid-Off Workers

While Forbes’ 2016 assessment ranks Seattle as one of the fastest growing cities in the US, several of the city’s most recognizable brands—including Boeing, Nordstrom, and Microsoft—have recently eliminated more than 1,000 jobs.

If you’re among this community of workers, you’ve got a lot of decision-making on your hands. Pivoting jobs in a growing, expensive city like Seattle is no small task, but we at Code Fellows would like to provide some options—and optimism—for your job search.

Considering the enthusiasm for software development talent at companies across the nation, coding schools have become a popular option for prospective developers who are looking to change careers or improve upon existing knowledge. The accelerated curriculum and extended network of these schools often helps graduates find new, higher paying jobs.

But is this a good path for you as you look at what’s next? Before you jump into a classroom full time or invest yourself in learning a completely new skill set, we want to help you explore if coding is right for you.

Code 101: Introduction to Software Development & Careers in Tech is a one-day workshop dedicated to introducing you to the tools, responsibilities, and advantages of a career in software development. We’re offering all recently laid-off workers a 50% discount for the next Code 101 in Seattle.

During this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with staff, explore how websites are built, and code a webpage yourself using industry-standard tools and professional coding practices.

Changing careers is admittedly more complicated than changing jobs, but perhaps now is the time for you (or some of your colleagues-in-need) to make the switch to software development. And while a new career will still demand your whole-hearted dedication, perhaps now is the best time to start in a new direction.

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