A Startup’s Experience Getting to MVP with Code Fellows Alums

Our company needed to find a few developers to help speed up development of our denim recommendation website, LookFitFeel. Here’s how two recent Code Fellows graduates rose to the challenge.

Editor’s Note: Code Fellows helps connect companies with highly capable developers, whether you’re a scrappy startup or an established tech company. Jim Ni, founder of LookFitFeel, shared his experience working with two of our graduates, Amanda Koster and Miguel Peña.

Launching a minimum viable product (MVP) is a significant milestone for startups, and we were eager to get our platform live. We contacted Code Fellows to identify some candidates who could help us finish our MVP. Based on their recommendation, we brought on two recent graduates, Amanda and Miguel.

The Grad’s Experience

Amanda and Miguel jumped right in to the project, and were eager to learn and apply their new skill set to our product.

Miguel shared, “We both needed to get up to speed quickly to meet the deadlines. I had to take over some code that was partially finished, learn a new language, and fully understand the feature before writing a line of code. It was a wonderful opportunity to see all the hard work in school and Code Fellows finally pay off.”

The Startup’s Experience

So how did it go bringing on two code school grads in our hour of need?

The instructional team at Code Fellows creates as close to a real-world, on-the-job experience for students as possible, and it showed when Miguel and Amanda got to work. We were impressed with how quickly these new grads assimilated to our team’s processes.

“I am really grateful that we were exposed to code reviews and daily standups at Code Fellows because I now do this every day at work,” Miguel said. “During project week, the instructing team would come to our group and have us each give an update on our progress. This was an invaluable experience for me because I need to be able to effectively communicate with my boss about the things I have been working on every day.”

They also fit right into our team as we worked towards launch. Amanda and Miguel did such great jobs that both were kept on the project after launch. They brought with them solid technical ability, but more than that, they brought a passion to learn and succeed. If you go to our site today, you’ll see many of their features in production!

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