Angular, Part 3: 10+ Resources

There are a lot of great resources to help you stay informed on Angular. Here are my favorites to get your resource library started.

Angular Guides and Docs

  • Official Angular Tutorial
    While not especially easy to follow, this tutorial for Angular has a ton of great information in it.

  • Dependency Injection
    One of the fundamental pieces of Angular is Dependency Injection. Understanding how it works is a necessity for any serious Angular Developer.


Videos and Podcasts

  • Javascript Jabber: Dependency Injection
    In this specific podcast, Misko Hevery, one of the original developers of Angular, focuses on Dependency Injection, both in Angular and as a general pattern.

    Egghead contains both free and subscription-based, “pro” videos on Angular and many other web development tools.

Books and More

  • The ng-book
    This is the most comprehensive book on Angular that I’ve found. It’s a little pricy, but the tiered pricing structure has additional resources available.

  • AngularJS-Learning
    This GitHub repository is full of links to more great Angular.js resources.

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