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What does Apptentive do?

Apptentive is the easiest way for any company with an app to talk with their customers. By making it easy to solicit feedback, intelligently prompt for ratings and conduct research using real-time surveys, all in the app, Apptentive powers higher ratings, better reviews, more downloads and higher retention.

What’s unique about your company culture?

At our core, our company is about relationships. We highly value the relationships we’re developing with our customers and with one another. We like to ensure that people are empowered to make decisions, that they feel valued and supported by their colleagues and that they know that working at Apptentive is about building great products and results for our customers, not “face time” and politics. A healthy relationship is full of trust and support and that’s how we like to invest in our team.

For more specifics:

we’re the kind of team that takes Friday afternoon off to head to Salumi for lunch or to spend a few hours at the Seattle Art Museum. We’re more likely to walk to a meeting than drive and you’ll find us hanging out together in the office on the weekends because we like one another and what we’re working on, not because we’re stressed out. If the idea of doing “8 minute abs” together at 3 pm or volunteering as a team for a Habitat for Humanity build on the weekend is interesting to you, come find out more and get to know us. We are always building relationships :-)

Where’s your office?

We’re in South Lake Union in the Founder’s Co-Op Space. In addition to being around several other great startups you never know who’s going to show up in the Easy in the evenings to discuss startups, code and Seattle over a beer or two.

What do you look for in a candidate?

The desire to ship has to be a driving factor for everyone who joins our team. We listen to our customers, ask meaningful questions and deliver product updates on a regular basis. At this stage of the company, the most important thing is really having a pragmatic approach to building and releasing product - the more we can make our ideas concrete and get them in the hands of customers, the faster we’ll learn and ship better products.

Our ideal candidate will be able to jump in and help across our stack - if you’ve worked with Rails, Objective C and Java and like being able to apply your brain to a variety of problems this is the place for you. Because we’re building tools that haven’t existed before the ability to learn quickly and constantly is extraordinarily important.

What positions are you hiring for?

We’re looking for 2 more people to join our team. We’re looking for engineers, primarily and we’re most interested in talking with those who have experience with UX , mobile engineering or Ruby.

Want to work at Apptentive?

Visit their careers page.

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