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Meet Kevin: From Commercial Photographer to Software Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on August 22, 2018

Meet Kevin Miller! He started his career as a commercial photographer, and as tech advancements started to influence his work, he was intrigued by the possibilities for a creator who knew how to code. Here’s how he went from photography to code, what he loved about his learning experience, and what his work looks like as a developer at Nordstrom.


Meet Rob: From Math Teacher to Software Design Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on July 27, 2018

Meet Rob Reed! He started learning to code as a math teacher to make lessons more visual for his students, and realized he loved the challenge coding presented. Read how he made the most of his time on campus, what he loves about the tech industry, and how he became a Software Design Engineer at Concur.


Meet Amber: From Front-End to Full-Stack with help from the GI Bill

By Sarah June Fischer on July 19, 2018

Meet Amber Kim! She was running her own web design and marketing firm while her husband was in the military. When they settled in Seattle, she was able to use his GI Bill funds to expand her skill set at Code Fellows. She shares about her learning journey and her advice for other military spouses who are thinking about a career in tech.


Meet Kaylyn: Nurse Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on May 24, 2017

Meet Kaylyn Yuh! She graduated from Code Fellows as a full-stack JavaScript developer and now works as a software engineer at CBRE. She shares more about her time in class and what has surprised her most about her new role in tech.


Meet Lee: Project Manager Turned UX Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on March 13, 2017

Lee Broxson used a systematic schedule to apply for jobs and start a new career as a UX Engineer. Read on to learn the gameplan that leads to job offers from three different companies, plus his insight on how to land the right job after a coding bootcamp.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 2: Full-Stack JavaScript

By Sarah June Fischer on November 28, 2016

Exploring a career in tech, but unsure which language to learn first? In this series, we’re detailing the pros of each language you can learn here at Code Fellows to help make that decision a little easier.


Sudoku Solver from Scratch in JavaScript (TDD Style): A Tutorial

By Matt Merkes on June 4, 2014

As a JS noob, it can be tough to come up with ideas to practice your skills.


The 10 Best JavaScript Libraries for Form Validation and Formatting

By Code Fellows on November 8, 2013

Formatting and presenting data entry forms on websites is a challenge for developers, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite JavaScript libraries for forms, input formatting, and validation.