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Meet Morgan: From Technical Program Manager to Software Development Engineer

By Sarah June Fischer on April 11, 2018

Meet Morgan Nomura! During her time as a TPM at Nordstrom, she got a front row seat to the work that software developers do every day. She studied at Code Fellows to quickly learn modern Python programming, and now works with the very developers who inspired her to try coding over a year ago.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 1: Python

By Sarah June Fischer on November 23, 2016

We get the question a lot: how do I know which programming language to learn first? Since you’ll likely learn more than a few languages throughout your software development career, which language you learn first usually comes down to personal preference and what kind of software you want to build. In this blog series, we’ll lay out the pros of each language, show you what you can build, give salary and job data, and help clear up some of the questions around the languages we teach at Code Fellows.


Implementing a Singly Linked List in Python

By John Shiver on September 10, 2014

One of the hardest parts about becoming a web developer without a CS degree (aside from the obvious bits) is learning data structures and algorithms on your own.


5 Reasons why Python is Powerful Enough for Google

By Cris Ewing on January 28, 2014

You’re getting ready to start a new company. What language should you choose to build it?