Code Fellows is hiring instructors for local teams across the USA

Are you an experienced web/mobile developer with a passion for teaching? If so, we’d love to talk to you.

Since we recently announced the first stage of our national expansion plans, we have been flooded with inbound requests from a wide variety of cities. Members of tech communities and owners of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces have asked if we would be interested in opening up shop their way.

Our answer is, “Let’s make it happen.” As long as there are companies nearby that are willing to hire Code Fellows, and there are enough high-quality instructors available, we’re game.

We are looking for instructors who love writing software and enjoy helping software developers accelerate their career

Writing software is a craft. In an ideal world, every beginner would apprentice under an expert and carefully learn how to write excellent code. Unfortunately, with the job demand for software developers so insanely high right now, there are many junior developers who aren’t quite ready for prime time and are frustrating their managers, forcing employers to look outside the US for talent.

We’re on a mission to help fix the talent-gap problem

We’re confident that there are plenty of available workers in the US for the software development industry who are closer than they realize to landing a $60-110k+ job shortly after completing an intense 8-week program.

Of course, beginners need to acquire sufficient experience first, and we’re here to help them, too. But, also, we know that there are people who have a background in coding who don’t realize how valuable they are. The average student coming into our 8-week program already has ~1.7 years of professional experience under their belt and is inspired to level-up their game and dive further into the industry.

Would you like to help beginner and experienced developers accelerate their career? If so, as long as you have experience writing apps for web browsers and/or mobile devices, and especially if you also have experience teaching, contact us today. We’d love to talk.

We are currently hiring full- and part-time instructors for JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Swift, and Front-End UI/UX development

We offer both part-time evening classes as well as immersive 4-week and 8-week experiences during the day. Some of our best instructors freelance for a living or run agencies of their own.

Click here to learn more about our specific job openings.

You’ll work with a growing team of industry experts who are passionate about developing and refining curriculum that is tuned to the job market

We meet regularly with hiring managers at partner companies and talk shop about what kind of talent and experience is needed. This helps us select the appropriate students for our development accelerators and modify our curriculum to ensure that we’re teaching our students the most relevant and valuable content.

And, finally, you’ll have the option of traveling to other cities for the occasional change of scenery (if you want, of course)

As we expand to more cities across the US (and around the world), we will happily encourage our instructors to travel to other Code Fellows locations. Maybe you would like to spend 4 or 8 weeks somewhere with warm beaches, awesome ski resorts, a lively urban food scene, or whatever sounds fun.

Contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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