Embracing the Future: Code Fellows Integrates AI into Tech Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for success. Here at Code Fellows, we have long held a reputation for leading the way in tech education, and we are continuing to do just that as we take a pioneering step by fully embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare our graduates for the future. By integrating AI-powered tools like ChatGPT into our curriculum, we are revolutionizing the way students learn to code, innovate, and excel in the tech industry.

AI-Powered Learning: A Glimpse into the Future

On March 23, 2023, we unveiled our innovative approach to tech education, where AI becomes a learning partner. By weaving AI suggestions into the process of working with tech and writing code, students gain a new dimension of learning–one that goes beyond textbooks and traditional lectures. ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI tool, assists students in generating creative solutions; students, in turn, develop skills of crafting prompts that accelerate problem-solving and productivity, keeping pace in an AI-driven world.

In our code sequence, students write code faster, ship more advanced features, and have better test coverage. This adds up to being more strongly aligned with what hiring managers are seeking.

But it doesn't stop there. We understand that learning with AI goes beyond code projects. Students engage in AI-driven dialogues to refine their work in both software development and cybersecurity. Data analysis, learning new tools, and self-sufficiency are all accelerated by working with AI. This integration bridges the gap between struggling with complex concepts and gaining a profound understanding, empowering graduates to meet industry demands head-on.

Staying in Tune with Industry Trends

At Code Fellows, our commitment to staying in sync with industry trends is crystal clear. As AI technology reshapes the tech landscape, we are equipping our graduates with the tools and knowledge to be at the forefront of this transformation. By constantly iterating on our curriculum with insights from industry professionals and tech giants, we ensure our graduates are not just job-ready, but are set to excel in a tech-driven world.

Brook Riggio, VP of Education at Code Fellows, aptly summarizes the impact of AI integration: "Code Fellows graduates will be ready for this brave new world, because they're already learning how to work with these tools to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and decision-making."

Empowering Diversity and Growth Mindset

Our dedication to diversity and inclusivity stands out. We firmly believe that the tech industry should reflect the diversity of the world we live in. With a commitment to providing learning opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, we are paving the way for a more inclusive tech landscape. Understanding how to use advanced technologies like AI tools should be accessible to all—our approach ensures no learners are left behind.

We encourage every student to challenge themselves, learn hard skills, and stay adaptable. This philosophy of embracing change and maintaining a growth mindset not only prepares them for their first jobs but equips them with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

Impressive Outcomes: Code Fellows Alumni Shine

Our graduates boast a remarkable 93% in-field employment rate and a median salary of $75,000 USD. A global study by SwitchUp has ranked Code Fellows as the number one bootcamp for securing positions at major tech companies, with an impressive 11.15% of their alumni employed by the "Big Five" – Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

This success rate rivals even top-tier university programs like Stanford, outperforming renowned institutions such as Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Cornell. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of our ever-adaptable education in preparing students for impactful careers in the tech industry.

As we continue to lead the industry, embracing and advancing our curriculum through early adoption of technologies like AI, we are not merely meeting the needs of the industry; we are defining it. Our graduates will continue to outpace their peers.

We are reshaping the future of tech education by embracing the power of AI. Through AI-integrated learning, we are not only preparing graduates for a tech-driven world but are also empowering them to lead and innovate within the industry. Our commitment to diversity, growth mindset, and staying attuned to industry trends makes us a beacon of progressive education in the dynamic world of technology. With AI advancements, we are undeniably paving the way for a new era in tech education.

Ready to get started? Our modular approach allows you to start in the course that best matches your skill level, so whether you're applying for a single course, the entire program, or anything in between — this is the place to start.

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