Five Ways to Save Money While You're in School

Editor’s Note: Our partnership with Skills Fund is one of the many financing options for our students. Today, the Skills Fund team shares simple ways to manage your expenses while in school.

More and more students are changing their lives every day by skilling up at an accelerated learning program. Leaving your job (and your paycheck) behind is daunting, but it’s also extremely rewarding. In those few months where money will be tight, it’s a great idea to practice these five money-saving tips.

1. Skip the Fast Food

Instead of buying lunch, consider packing a meal. The drive-through line might look very appealing after a long day of programming, but there are other alternatives that are healthier for you and your wallet. Studies show that you are what you eat—so an apple instead of a chocolate chip cookie is a great swap. Take the extra time in the morning to prep your meal for the night and you’ll thank yourself later!

2. Commute to Class

Commute costs can pile up, especially in large tech hubs. If you’re traveling every day to go to class, or paying for parking every day, consider other types of transportation. Take that $15 parking and put the money into a savings account. Instead, opt for the bus or a rideshare service like Lyft Line.

3. Hit Pause on Entertainment

Code schools are immersive and will take up the majority of your day. Consider shifting your extracurriculars for the months where you’re in school. Put a pause on your Netflix or Hulu subscriptions, instead opting to read a book or find a programming-related YouTube channel.

4. Shop Smart

Instead of buying pre-made meals at the grocery, take the extra time to buy the ingredients individually and prep the meal yourself. When it comes to housewares and clothing, secondhand stores are full of gems at a fraction of the price of new items.

5. Find Free Fun

Instead of paying $40 for a concert ticket, browse your local newspaper for free concerts, poetry readings, or theater performances. More often than not, you’ll experience fewer crowds, make some new friends, or find a new hobby!

We’re here to help!

For most of our partnerships, Skills Fund offers an additional cost of living stipend for immersive programs. You’ll receive the money directly at the beginning of your program, and it’s yours to use however you need to. It’s all part of our mission of making it as easy as possible to gain access to a transformative skills training.

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