For Charlottesville

It’s incredible how the appalling recent events in Charlottesville have resulted in an uprising of good will and kindred spirits around the world.

So many voices of the majority have spoken and acted in response—people from all backgrounds who share the common values of care, goodwill and empathy, working to defend the inalienable equal rights we all share. Many have stood to defend others from the ill-conceived plans of a deranged minority who seek to undo what so many have lost their lives to protect.

So many inspiring, intelligent, passionate voices have risen above the hate-driven horror, reminding us of the unifying, authentic spirit driving forward all that’s good in the world.

One thing in particular stood out for me this week: it’s not enough to silently support convictions of equal rights, unity, empathy and compassion. If we abhor the ill-conceived, hateful ideologies, and actions of some, our own action is required to effect change.

On behalf of Code Fellows, our hearts and thoughts join the countless others who care and support the brave people in Charlottesville injured while standing up for what’s good and right. Our deepest condolences are felt for the friends and families of Heather Heyer, Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen, and Trooper Berke M. M. Bates, who had the courage to risk their lives while working towards good.

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