Foundations I Location Announcement

We’re excited to launch our first Foundations I course this Monday, March 3rd, 2014!

We had way more people sign up than our South Lake Union location could accommodate, so we’re holding the 4-week course in the beautiful Microsoft Auditorium in the Seattle Public Library in downtown Seattle.

![Microsoft Auditorium, Seattle Public Library](http://www.spl.org/Images/branch/CEN_meetingrooms/Microsoft_Auditorium_lg.jpg)
Our Foundations classes are designed to introduce you to the material that you will need to know before you are ready to make it into a bootcamp. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of software development. Whether you're a coding hobbyist, manager in a tech company, or aspiring full-stack software developer, our Foundations classes will give you a solid base to build your coding career.
![Foundations I](https://dgosxlrnzhofi.cloudfront.net/custom_page_images/80/page_images/foundations.svg?1391541112)

Are you interested in exploring your coding potential? Registration for Foundations I is still open! Apply Now.

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