By Ivan StorckJune 6, 2014

How I stay up to date on Rails

Find the top books, videos, newsletters, and other resources to stay up on all news for Ruby and Rails.

For students in my Advanced Rails class, I put together my short list for staying informed on news and announcements (plus helpful tips and learning opportunities). Take advantage of these resources and never be behind on what’s happening in the Rails development community.

  • Ruby 5 podcast
    Short and perfect for commuting.

  • Ruby Rogues
    A longer-form podcast featuring Ruby rockstars.

  • Prismatic
    Something about their filtering and aggregation algorithm is the best. Follow me there to get started: Ivan Storck on Prismatic.

  • Seattle.rb
    The oldest Ruby group in the U.S. meets every week and has presentations once a month. This is great for networking and code help.

  • Books
    Read more books, and talk about them with your peers! Check out these three to get you started:

  • Videos
    Confreaks produces videos from the Ruby (and other tech) conferences regularly.

Want to save this list and add your favorite resources? Fork the repo on Ivan’s GitHub.