Instructor Picks: What's Coming in 2015

As Apple showed us this spring with the release of Swift, the software development industry can and does change fast. We polled our instructors on what they see as the biggest changes looming for the new year. From new gadgets to software updates, watch for these events, updates, and new releases.


The Apple Watch is slated for release in spring 2015. With over six months of growing anticipation and WatchKit already out, we’re ready to see the full capability of Apple’s new wearable tech.


PyCon in Montreal this April is a great opportunity to connect with and learn from the Python community. The conference is the largest annual gathering for the open-source programming language, with training days, special speakers, lighting talks, and more.


The community support for Facebook’s React.js framework is growing rapidly, and will likely expand even more in 2015. We’ve even added it to our Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator curriculum. Also, keep an eye out for the January release of io.js, a community-driven version of Node.js.

Ruby on Rails

Rails 5 is expected to ship in late 2015 and will target Ruby 2.2, which was just released on December 25. We’re eagerly awaiting performance gains from the next generation of Rails—one that’s highly optimized with Ruby’s new and improved garbage collector.

Web UI

Here at Code Fellows, we’ve been dabbling with an awesome SASS-based grid system called Jeet.js. Dubbed “a grid system for humans,” the humans who work here have been getting lots of mileage with Jeet as prototyping tool for internal projects.

What are you looking forward to in 2015? Let us know!

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