Introducing the New Talent Portal!

We’ve launched a new way for hiring managers and dev teams to find their next teammate!

At Code Fellows, we are committed to helping our students transform their lives and become well-rounded developers and members of the tech industry.

We also focus on supplying tech companies with diverse talent equipped with the right technical and soft skills to support team and company growth.

We know the current recruiting process is broken. It screens out qualified candidates due to human bias and traditional mindsets about talent.

How do we get around bias and help companies remove self-imposed hiring limitations?

The blind resume review is one of the top ways suggested in The Harvard Business Review’s article, 7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process. Francesca Gino, professor at Harvard Business School, shared in the article that systematizing application reviews “will help you improve your chances of including the most relevant candidates in your interview pool, including uncovering some hidden gems.”

We took blind resumes a step further, building out an entire candidate portal where you can see the developers who have the skills you’re looking for, without photos, names, or other identifying characteristics.

By stripping identifying information and focusing strictly on experience and skills, the portal gives you the information you need to connect with developers who align with your hiring needs. With this tool, we want to highlight the technical skills these developers gained in their training, while also featuring their diverse backgrounds, where they developed a lot of the soft skills necessary to succeed in tech.

At an average age of 31 years old, our students gain technical skills in 20 weeks of training, but are also being groomed as leaders through our Career Coaching Program. It is through this robust training that graduates go on to accomplish great things in rewarding new careers and help the industry create and embrace a more inclusive culture. Because of their well-rounded technical and non-technical training received at Code Fellows, combined with their diverse backgrounds, our candidates are the ideal “culture add” for employers who want to build healthy and dynamic teams.

Every individual in the portal has been vetted by Code Fellows staff through our Qualifying Interview process, so that you can have confidence in the quality of candidates available. This qualifying process, combined with our final technical exam that students complete at the end of Code 401, ensures that candidates have the professional polish and the technical acumen needed for graduates to add value to teams from day one on the job.

Our goal is to provide a high touch model to connect you with graduates from our program, and are committed to working alongside the industry to expand our understanding of how to best train and evaluate talent.

Join us as we work to reduce bias in the industry.

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Hear from Industry Partners

What success have other companies had with hiring our grads? Hear from Mark Michael and Mike Green, two leaders who have seen their company’s investment in non-traditional talent pay off.

“I’m surrounded by the most impressive team I’ve ever worked with and they’re delivering more product faster than I thought possible.” —Mike Green, Co-Founder, Sirrus7

“Gabriel is the all around legit developer that Code Fellows produces – with little direction he owned the process from creative to execution in record time! What we thought could take a week…he finished in less than 12 hours.” —Mark Michael, DevHub CEO

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