Leading the Way: How Code Fellows is Innovating Cyber Education

How does Code Fellows all-new Ops sequence—that culminates in a certificate of Cybersecurity Engineering—set itself apart from other cyber education offerings? Let’s take a look!

Skill-based design

Much like ordering a custom-tailored dress or suit, the Code Fellows Ops sequence is designed from a thorough analysis of cybersecurity job descriptions to ensure graduates have the skills and abilities to meet the demands of the job market. Desirable Ops job skills such as networking and threat modeling are prioritized and integrated into the overall Ops curriculum, ensuring that students experience a program fully aligned with in-demand knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Lab-based learning

A distinguishing hallmark of the Code Fellows experience is our love of labs. In our Ops Courses, students can expect to tackle challenging lab experiences designed to mimic real-world technology operations. The Ops curriculum is designed to expose learners to a wide variety of teaching methods, then give students the freedom to take on lab scenarios themselves in order to build capability and confidence. Labs are designed to equip graduates with a foundational toolkit of problem-solving techniques that can be utilized throughout their technology careers, giving grads that extra arrow in their quiver down the road of their professional journey!

Practical frameworks and methodologies

In addition to labs, the Code Fellows Ops Sequence helps students harness current-day cyber resources and frameworks including OWASP, MITRE ATT&CK, and CVE/CVSS, gaining valuable experience with in-demand skill sets. Communication, documentation, and information analysis are emphasized throughout Ops to emulate real-world interactions as much as possible, paving the way for a smooth transition into their new career.

A key philosophy at Code Fellows is inspiring students to be lifelong learners. A foundational principle introduced in Ops 102 is the “growth mindset,” a life perspective that facilitates the growth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in a highly dynamic fashion over time. The goal of Ops Sequence is not to provide a fixed package of vocabulary terms to memorize, but to emphasize how graduates can go on to learn cybersecurity concepts themselves. This detective-like drive to find answers to today’s challenges distinguishes a Code Fellows graduate from the competition!

Alignment with in-demand certifications

The Cyber Ops program is a unique, modern, standalone training for students to experience a rigorous, accelerated course that emphasizes the skill sets necessary to contribute on day one of your new career. However, industry certifications are an absolute necessity for today’s most successful cyber professionals.

The Code Fellows Ops program is designed to closely align with the learning objectives of CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ while also integrating job-relevant content from Axelos’ ITIL Foundation, EC-Council’s CEH, and CompTIA’s CySA+ and PenTest+ certifications.

Prospective students should not view this as a CompTIA certification training program, but as a holistic experience designed to build entry-level cyber skill sets. Graduates of this program can expect to pass the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications with some additional self-study of respective course materials. While testing is not integrated into the coursework, the pursuit of cyber certifications is highly encouraged as part of an overall career development plan!


Ops is not strictly about cybersecurity; graduates of Ops 102, 201, and 301 will gain valuable IT skills to be prepared for roles in IT support, systems administration, and networking. An Ops graduate is a well-rounded problem-solver, having overcome a gauntlet of imposing technical challenges designed to nurture important career skills.

Another signature feature of the Code Fellows learning experience is our Career Development Curriculum, where students formulate a strategy for job placement with the help of experienced Code Fellows staff. This program is woven into the Ops Sequence and helps students show off their newfound skills in the best way possible, and map out a path forward into their new career in cybersecurity.

At Code Fellows, we feel this program delivers the rigorous hands-on technical experience needed to embark on the marathon that is cybersecurity. Take a look for yourself – this may be just the sprint you were looking for!

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