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Discover more ways Code Fellows is dedicated to helping students become confident, knowledgeable, and career-ready software developers.

Here at Code Fellows we are committed and passionate about supporting anyone who wants to learn technology-related skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or a student of more advanced topics. That’s why we also offer tutoring services, both in-person and online, with trained, experienced, and vetted software developers.

When we say, “anyone who wants to learn technology-related skills”, we mean it. We’ve extended the program to truly include anyone; from the self-taught learners, to high-school students, to university computer science undergrads, to other bootcamp students - the program is available to all. This not only provides greater access to students learning to code, but also more exposure for our tutors, both in technical concepts and industry networking.

Anyone who has ever tackled learning technical concepts understands the ups and downs of the learning process; from the rewarding “a-ha” moments to the challenges along the way that make those moments possible. Whether you’re learning from online tutorials, are a bootcamp student, or are pursuing a degree with a college or university - the struggle is real.

For those falling behind in their learning, finding it difficult to keep pace with their coursework, need help grasping technical concepts, or who just want the benefit of working 1:1 with an experienced tutor, Code Fellows is here to help! Our tutors cover technical topics and concepts such as, but not limited to: development environments, coding toolsets, project build processes, best practices, revision control basics, fundamental coding concepts, HTML and CSS, data structures and algorithms, database operation, automated testing, software development in a variety of languages, and more!

Working 1:1 with a Code Fellows tutor is a unique opportunity to not only strengthen weak areas or gaps in education, but also to make connections with experienced developers. The program also boasts the flexibility to work with a tutor in-person or remotely, at a time that works best for the student.

You could take our word for it, but why would you? Take it from Nadya Ilinskaya, former Quality Assurance Engineer turned Software Developer and Code Fellows Tutee:

"I’ve been working in Tech for more than 10 years; first, as a Tech Support Specialist, then as a Business Analyst, and finally as a Quality Assurance Engineer for the past 5 years. For all those years, I’ve been dealing with a lot of different technology stacks and frameworks. I’ve had a lot of near-development experience while at the same time lacking actual coding practice. This made it difficult for me to determine where to start when I decided to dive deeper into web development.

Code Fellows’ tutoring program helped me to fill in the gaps and figure out my main weaknesses. In several 1:1 sessions, I was able to ramp up on best coding practices and get prepared for an intermediate level coding class.

I think short intensive learning sessions are the best way to prepare for more structured classes when you already have some experience; especially when your tutor is someone very familiar with the curriculum as well as learning in a fast-paced environment, as it was in my case.” — Nadya Ilinskaya

Since Code Fellows is dedicated to keeping its curriculum up-to-date with the needs, standards, and best practices of the industry, tutors remain apprised of these updates, effectively expanding and improving their own knowledge base in the tutoring process as well. And with the added bonus of non-Code Fellows students as tutees, tutors get an even wider skillset as they gain unique insights and experiences into technologies and curriculum not taught at our school.

In medicine there’s a teaching model for new surgeons known as “see one, do one, teach one”, coined by William Stewart Halsted of John Hopkins in 1890. While we obviously don’t teach medicine, it’s an excellent model for teaching students to code. As our tutors are vetted and trained for quality, the tutoring program is the perfect venue for developers with a desire to teach, to stretch their metaphorical “developer wings” in the education venue to “teach one”; further enriching their own education.

Tutors have the flexibility to manage their own schedules, working 1:1 with students only as they’re available, as well as in-person or remotely, as they choose. Many of our tutors remain tutors, or come back to Code Fellows to tutor, even after securing full-time employment as a means to give back and continue teaching.

If you’d like to know more about being a Code Fellows tutor, take it from Code Fellows alum and Tutor, Jacob Knaack.

"As a developer, being a Code Fellows Tutor has allowed me to keep in touch with the Code Fellows community, while also keeping me up to date with the curriculum as it changes to fit the needs of individuals entering a contemporary software industry. It keeps me from becoming lazy and falling back on the things that I use in my daily workflow, pushing me to find solutions that work best for my students. It provides a way of networking with the individuals of Code Fellows’ diverse student body, whose perspective as newcomers to building software is always enlightening. I am also able to provide perspective to non-students, who need assistance with passion / side projects or third party curriculum, which further rounds out my experience as a Code Fellows graduate. All of these experiences give me insight and knowledge as to who the next wave of software professionals will be, and how I can best work with and among them to build an exciting future.” — Jacob Knaack, Tutor and Software Developer at Blue Orbit

In continuing with our mission to make technology education more accessible for more people, every dollar of profit from the tutoring program goes to our Diversity Scholarship Fund, which helps cover tuition for women, veterans, and other underrepresented groups in tech.

If you’re interested in receiving tutoring from Code Fellows click on the button below.

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If you’re interested in becoming a Code Fellows tutor, we look for passionate developers who have a strong aptitude and desire to help people change their lives and enter the world of professional software development through individualized instruction and guidance. In keeping with that mission, prospective tutors are encouraged to apply here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to reach out to Tutoring with any questions about the tutoring program.

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