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How our Powered by Code Fellows program helps local economies through providing professional software development skills through live-remote learning.

Live-Remote Education

Code Fellows, has partnered with Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) to offer Caymanians the chance to transform their lives through our Live-Remote learning program. With more than 60 courses taught by full-time professional instructors, individuals from all backgrounds can gain the skills needed to thrive in this new remote economy. Individuals can now access virtual classes and interact in real-time with professionally trained instructors. With a 6:1 student to teacher ratio, students will always have the support they need to succeed.

Providing Access

Access to rewarding, high-paying, and often life-changing careers shouldn’t be something just for the privileged few—it should be accessible to all. At Code Fellows, we want to ensure every community around the globe has the ability to provide the kind of education that empowers this potential in every member of their community. With more than 1,400 graduates, we’ve witnessed the difference that immersive, collaborative, supportive, career-focused education can make in our community here in Seattle, and we want to ensure other organizations have the ability to bring the power of transformative education to their communities.

The Power of Partnerships

In October 2019, CEC partnered with Code Fellows to offer immersive, classroom taught code experience for Caymanians and residents of the Cayman Islands seeking to access innovative careers in technology that are currently available within the CEC special economic zone, Cayman Tech City.

“Following the coronavirus outbreak, CCA has pivoted to help keep the community safe and to offer support for individuals in occupations that can’t be performed remotely as well as those who show a keen interest and promise,” explained Charlie Kirkconnell, Chief Executive Officer and CCA program sponsor. “CEC’s vision is to provide meaningful opportunities for Caymanians and future generations to come. Helping to develop a technology-driven workforce in the Cayman Islands is going to help us to achieve our vision.”

To assist those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, CEC has created a need-based financial assistance fund, designed specifically to support interested Caymanians to cover the cost of the Code Fellows tuition. Applicants that can demonstrate a need for financial assistance and the ability to meet the requirements of Code Fellows’ Code 201 (foundations), Code 301 (intermediate), and/or Code 401 (advanced) courses may apply.

Courses are designed to meet individuals where they are at. This allows individuals with no prior experience to begin with a 100-level course, while individuals who have intermediate to advanced level skills are able to test into 300 or 400 level courses. All courses have assigned product owners who work with a panel of experts and advisors from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to ensure CCA and Code Fellows are meeting the demands of the ever-changing tech market.

Founded in 2013, we have helped over 1,400 students find professional careers in tech, with a median salary of $72,500. At Code Fellows, we believe that coding isn’t just for the elite, it’s for all of us which is why we work to ensure our courses are the best the industry has to offer.

We’re excited to be partnering with CEC and Cayman Code Academy to help change the lives of Caymanians. This will undoubtedly lead to stronger businesses, a more talented workforce, and a stronger Cayman Islands economy.

For more information, course details, and to apply for funding visit www.caymancodeacademy.com or email info@caymancodeacademy.com.

A tech hub, beyond Seattle

We’ve had the privilege of seeing Powered by Code Fellows partnerships lead to stronger businesses, more talented workforces, and stronger economies in cities around the world. On Grand Cayman, students who complete the courses will be paired with internship and mentorship opportunities with global tech companies that operate within the CEC special economic zone, a tech cluster known as Cayman Tech City that’s home to more than 175 tech-focused companies and some of the world’s largest blockchain and FinTech businesses.

International companies are investing more and more resources to work in the Caribbean, with qualified coders in high demand. Through the power of partnership students of the Cayman Islands’ will be well prepared to land high paying jobs with some of the top companies on Cayman.

Powered by Code Fellows

This is why we launched our curriculum licensing program, Powered by Code Fellows. Through this program, we find strategic partners in markets all around the globe who are looking to help individuals transform their lives through education. When we say, “We believe in you,” we’re not just talking about current Code Fellows students or the people right here in our city—we’re a global company focused on global needs and serving the greater population, so that more people can discover their potential in software development, begin high-paying careers in tech, and add more diversity to the tech industry across the globe. A strong global tech industry needs the diversity of thought that comes from all of us working together to find better solutions to difficult problems. People with the potential to be world-class coders don’t just live in traditional tech hubs like San Francisco, New York, and Seattle; they’re all around the world.

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