Meetups You Should Check Out This Month, Part 2: Portland

Looking for ways to meet other developers in the industry? Whether you need more talent for your team, some help on a project, or a chance to catch up with other devs, check out this list of weekly and monthly meetup groups right here in Portland.

Women Only

ChickTech Portland

ChickTech welcomes female devs from all specialties to network, mentor, and learn about new technology together.

Women Who Code

As one of the largest community of women engineers worldwide, Women Who Code is dedicated to encouraging and supporting women in technology careers.

New Technology

New Relic Future Talks

New Relic hosts a monthly guest speaker series for anyone interested in new technology and the advancement of the industry.

eBay Tech Tuesdays

eBay Tech Tuesdays are free and open to the public, and welcome a guest speaker every Tuesday to share about everything from robotics to e-commerce.

NewTech PDX

NewTech PDX meets twice every month, with past discussion topics including drones and the Internet of Things. Their events are every third Monday evening and third Friday morning.


Code Oregon Labs

Learning online and need some in-person help from industry professionals? Join us at our monthly Code Oregon Labs workshop! This event is open and free to the public.

PDX Tech + Pong

Work up a sweat while working through a bug in your code. PDX Tech + Pong uses ping pong to spark conversations between developers.

PDX Creative Coders

Do you incorporate other creative outlets with your code? Share how you use code to be artistic in this group of like-minded creatives.


This meetup is organized by the Workfrom community, who believe in the freedom of choosing our workspaces and supporting local business owners. Workfrom meetups are open to everyone working on anything. Bring your laptop, books, sketchpad … whatever you need to be productive.


Looking for a way to connect with other altruistic NPOs, developers, or community members? Check out PDXTech4Good!

Techies On Bikes

This list wouldn’t complete without including a meetup for Portland bicyclists who also happen to love to code.


Angular Portland Meetup

Share your insights and projects built with Angular at this monthly meetup.

PDX Web Development

Get together with other front-end developers to discuss modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries, plus HTML, CSS, and more.

Ember.js Portland

Stay up to date on everything Ember by joining the monthly Ember.js meetup in Portland.

PDX Node

Get help on your own projects at PDX Node’s monthly Learn & Code Night, or see what others are creating at the monthly Presentation Night.

Portland ReactJS

Check out Portland’s local meetup for ReactJS to see projects and lightning talks from other devs.

Python and Big Data

PyLadies PDX

Looking for a place to meet other female devs who live and breath Python? Check out PyLadies in Portland! The group alternates between open events for men and women, women coders plus guests, and women-only events.

HackOregon - Storytelling with Data

Ready to dive into data? This HackOregon meetup focuses on building high-quality products for the public. Everyone is welcome to join and apply their skills to the current project.


Portland Ruby Brigade

Ruby Brigade operates in cities across the U.S., and is arguably the biggest Ruby meetup group. This PDX chapter welcomes developers of all experience levels to share projects and learn from each other.


PDX Web & Design

Meet designers and developers in the industry to discuss new tools, career advice, freelancing rates, and more.

PDX Accessibility & UX Meetup

If you’re interested in user experience design and want to make websites more accessible to more people, then you need to check out the monthly Portland Accessibility and User Experience Meetup.

Mobile Development


This meetup aims to connect iOS developers, entrepreneurs, and startups for a chance to discuss and promote app development and app-based businesses. Attendees are welcome to share app ideas, projects, and solutions.

PDX Cocoaheads

This is a great meetup for iOS developers! It meets once a month with a different speaker sharing about iOS-related technology and topics.


Mobile.NET Developers Group

If you’re intrigued by Xamarin, then check out the Portland Mobile.NET Developers group.


PDXScala meetups involve discussions and presentations, plus opportunities to get help on your own code from the rest of the group.

I want to work for ______

Job seekers, unite! Come together with others to work on how to reach your goals, find companies that you’d like to work for, and land your dream job.

What meetups have you visited recently? Let us know!

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