Meetups You Should Check Out This Month, Part 3: Chicago

Meet entrepreneurs, software engineers, aspiring developers, startup founders, and others at an upcoming meetup! Check out the list below to find networking events near you.


Hacker News Chicago Meetup

If you have Hacker News permanently open on your computer, then visit this meetup to talk about new tech, startups, and more!

1871 Hackers

Gather with the devs at 1871 to discuss ideas, demo projects, and ask questions.

8th Light University

Software developers of all skill levels are invited to the weekly 8th Light University meetup to improve their craft.


Join other software developers every Tuesday at noon for lightning talks and networking.

Hustle & Hack: Black Creator Collective

This meetup group hosts workshops, hackathons, and seminars for black entrepreneurs and technologists.

Refactor Chicago

Refactor Chicago focuses on refactoring ideas, processes, and techniques to constantly improve the craft of computer programming and to become better software engineers.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Bootstrappers Breakfast

Join the founders of early-stage technology startups during the monthly Bootstrappers Breakfast to discuss potential roadblocks, new ideas, and more.

Co-Founders Lab Matchup

Co-Founders Lab aims to connect entrepreneurs with other co-founders and software developers.

Startup Founder 101

Looking for mentors and other entrepreneurs as you launch your startup? Join the monthly Startup Founder 101 meetup to learn tips, pitfalls, and techniques for starting your own tech company.

Women Only

Women who Code

Connect and network with other women in tech at this national non-profit’s monthly meetup.

Women’s DIY Series

Build your skill set with this meetup that provides workshops to encourage women to pursue technology-related careers.

Mobile Development

Chicago iOS Developers

Meet up with other iOS developers for monthly meetups, complete with presentations, networking, and project assistance.

Chicago Mobile

Share your projects, hear from senior devs, and meet with other passionate mobile developers at the Chicago Mobile meetup.


AngularJS Chicago

AngularJS Chicago discusses using and improving the “Super-heroic JavaScript MVW Framework.”

Chicago Ember.js

Chicago’s Ember.js group is dedicated to their community and building beautiful websites with Ember.js

Chicago Node.js

Need help with Node? Check out Chicago Node.js, a monthly gathering of JavaScript devs to discuss server-side programming.



Chicago Python User Group (ChiPy) has over 1,000 active members and meet monthly to discuss all things Python.


Looking for a place to meet other female devs who live and breath Python? Check out PyLadies in Portland! The group alternates between open events for men and women, women coders plus guests, and women-only events.

Analytics and Big Data

DevOps Chicago

Join other devs, project managers, and team leaders to discuss DevOps.

Open Analytics Chicago

Open Analytics Chicago, lead by the team at IKANOW, is devoted to open source projects, big data, and agile intelligence solutions for Chicago.

Big Data Developers Chicago

Looking for ways to advance your skills in working with Big Data? Join IBM’s Chicago-based meetup group for presentations and access to other big-data devs.


Chicago Ruby

With conferences and frequent events, Chicago Ruby is one of Chicago’s biggest Ruby Meetup groups.


RailsBridge offers two-day workshops aimed at empowering women in tech and improving gender equality in Chicago’s tech scene.

Ruby Wednesdays

Mark your calendar and meet up with Ruby devs of all experience levels at Ruby Wednesdays.

Front-End Development

Chicago Interactive Design & Development (CIDD)

Chicago-based designers, devs, digital marketers, and anyone involved in the creation of web and mobile apps gather together for the Chicago Interactive Design & Development meetup.

UXPA Chicago

Working in UX design, or just starting out in front-end development? Join UXPA Chicago to learn from seasoned UX designers and others in the industry.


Focus on new web technologies and hear from guest speakers at the frequent CHIHTML5 meetup.


Chicago R User Group (Chicago RUG) Data and Statistics

Learn about and expand your skills in open source R with other programmers in this monthly meetup.

PHP Chicago

This meetup welcomes PHP devs from across Chicago to discuss frameworks and work together on projects.

Chicago Java Users Group

Join the Chicago Java Users Group to become a better Java developer and learn from others in the community.

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